Strength training

Down in the bunker.
2k erg at 1:50 split warm up
3 sets of 10 Leg press
3 x 10 EZ bar preacher curls
3 x 10 Dumbbell jump squats
3 x 10 Bench Press
3 x 10 Seated cable row
3 x 10 Barbell dead lift
3 x 10 Barbell row
3 x 10 Barbell front squat
3 x 10 Barbell back squat
2k erg cool down.


Moved 290kg of gravel from homebase to the car, then the car to the front of the house. Suspect my back will be in bits tomorrow!


Managed 4x130kg Squat on Thursday then 4x140kg Deadlift today. My son said he thought my eyes were going to pop out on the last deadlift :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Haven’t plugged them into my tracker to find out what 1RM they equate to but still heading in the right direction so whatever is fine.
Creatine ran out today, I’ve ordered some more as my son wanted some protein bars and it saves the postage, but I’ll take a few weeks off it and see how things go without before starting again.


First session back after a long lay off. Went all the way back to an empty bar. Still got mad DOMS and walking like John Wayne today.


That is shifting some tin! :muscle:

I’m not lifting at the moment, didn’t mean to stop altogether but nothing since Dec 30th.


What’s the bar weigh? 20kgs?


Yeah. My legs hurt the most as they do have my fat ass to also move.


You can get “ shorter” Olympic bars.
They have the weight displayed on the end usually 15 and even 10 kg.

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Cheers, I’m a bit off that at the moment, what with Christmas, the floods and then a cold last week I’ve been a bit inconsistent over the last month.
My current 2024 bests are:
Deadlift - 6x120kg (Target 200)
Squat - 6x120kg (Target 150)
Bench - 6x90kg (Target 125)
Military Press - 6x50kg (Target 75)



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Decent couple of sessions at the gym this weekend. Pushed my Bench upto 3x100kg yesterday and Deadlift upto 6x140kg today.


Had a couple of consistent weeks at the gym since Christmas, and the cold I had just after, and got back to equal or better my PBs on the key lifts from December.
Decided to take stock of where I was and how far away my targets were, and realised that (with the exception of Military Press) I can get to my (estimated) 1RM target at the weights I’m currently on if I can keep adding the odd rep every now and again. I don’t need to go any heavier, which felt quite positive.

Ultimately I’d like to actually lift the 1RM weights in question but I don’t really do 1RM attempts and a handful of 200kg+ deadlifts seems a long way away.


Complete failure at 150kg Deadlift this morning. Did 6@130kg, put the extra 20kg on and couldn’t get it off the floor. :face_with_spiral_eyes:
I actually think I talked myself out of it, I was quite worried remembering how how hard it was last week and think that got into my head.


Unusually they published Sam noakes ( pro boxer ) weightlifting figures last night.

An extremely powerful fighter 13-0 (13 early) !
180 kg dead lift
170 squat
125 bench
100 over his head !

When you consider he weighs in at 9 stone 9, ( the 135 lightweight limit ) I thought they were quite impressive !
( god I hope he’s clean!?)


Yeah, they mentioned that during the fight last night, impressive figures.
The other guy just couldn’t hurt him so he was walking through his punches and landing whatever he liked.
One of the lads who helps at the gym always puts some powerlifting channel on the TV. The other day there were 49kg girls squatting around the 150kg mark, blows my mind.

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He will 100% end up in a world title fight in the next 24 months or so.

I watched Keyshawn Davies earlier in the day
Also 135, Sam won’t get near him but I hope I’m wrong on that.
Obviously some very fit boxers
Garry cully ran a 15:17?! 5 k quite recently
And Scott Quiggs circuits look like typos
10 pull-ups
30 press ups
20 burpees
Repeat x 10 … no rest !
As you do!


Interesting dilemma at the gym tonight. I’ve been stuck on 4x130kg on squats for a while now but really thought I had a 5th in me tonight.
I always squat with a bench behind me, which I just touch with my backside before driving back up. Well, I go for a 5th rep, touch the bench, lift off a couple of inches before slowly sinking back down.
So I’m now sat on the bench with 130kg on my shoulders pondering my next move :thinking:
It’s only a half rack and the safety bars aren’t very long so I’m a bit worried I’ll miss them if I just dump it backwards.
They were also a bit too low (as I hadn’t bothered moving them when we went on the rack) so leaning forward whilst sat on the bench would bend me double before I got to them so that’s out too.
In the end I shuffle forward and deliberately slip off the bench whilst dumping the bar behind me onto the safety bars.
No damage done but lesson learnt about making sure you sort out your exit strategy in advance. :grin:


How high is the bench? Maybe worth doing some lower box squats or some slower tempo squats to help with some different stimulus?

Exit strategy, at least on bench press is I don’t use clips. Then I can just tilt the bar and off drop the plates. Depends how level you are with your squat!


It’s a normal workout bench so when my ass touches it my thighs are roughly parallel. That’s about as low as I want to go, I know the powerlifting guys will talk about having your “ass in the grass” but getting out of that hole and the extra stress I feel it puts through my knees isn’t for me.
I don’t rest on it, it really is just a touch (barely on the very front edge of it) to know I’m low enough then back up so it isn’t helping in terms of bouncing off it or anything like that.
They’ve got 2 full racks so I may move to those, then (as long as the safety bars are at the right height) you can just dump the bar and it can’t go anywhere.
Ps. It’s the first time this has happened, I usually have a good feel for if I have another rep in me and did the 4th OK so it was a bit of a surprise when the 5th one stalled.

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Nice story :smiley:

You need a Power Rack to Squat heavy safely

Break parallel

Don’t go ass to grass

Get to the chopper