Strength training

Adaption ?
A four hour run would make us all sleepy no doubt, just some would be xxx per kms faster.

I do weights twice a week, it’s easily the two easiest hours of the week, and I’m getting near max on some of the sets ( 5 rep max with little rest)
But I’ve lifted weights all my life so I guess I’m just more used to it, the other extreme is bike power we’re your 30 sec power is a few hundred above what I’ve ever produced for a second.
Glad to hear the strength stuff is working and I’ll be amazed if it doesn’t get “ easier “ over time

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I have no doubt that I will get more used to it. I need to remember I’m currently at the same stage as someone who has just started training for a 5k - I remember when I first started out that running continuously for 30 minutes felt like a massive achievement (and left me with DOMS for days).

Anyway, on the newbie side, I’m taking as a positive in that I can probably improve quite a bit, quite quickly and this should in turn be great motivation.

Once I become a little bit more adapted, I can bring the rest of my endurance stuff back in without the need for an extra sleep during the day.

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Finally managed to nudge my Bench PB up a bit on Saturday. Been stuck on 3x100kg for months and managed 4 reps for the first time this weekend.
Hardly earth shattering but been feeling I’ve plateaued recently; last time I felt that I tried Creatine for a while and it seemed to help me through. I’ve got another batch but haven’t started it as was hoping to get weight down to 100kg before I did as it messes up your weight whilst using it.


The squat strength cycle I’m on currently is truly grim
9x 88kg (x2)
7x 90.5 (x2)
5x 93.5 (x2)

Weights calculated from a 110kg 1RM. So much heavy volume :nauseated_face:


Since my little incident with the bench, I’ve taken a step back on Squats.
I had got up to 4x130kg but have dropped back to 120kg at the moment while I get used to not having that guide to how deep I’m going as when I go a bit too far, getting back out of the hole can be a bit tricky.

While I am no expert here, this might be good indicator to drop down the weight and do some tempo/explosive work and also work on depth too.

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70 weighted lunges (35 per leg) with 10Kg on the shoulders. Have worked up fairly easily from 30 lunges over the space of 5 days. Will continue adding 10 lunges a time until I get to 100, then will up the weight bf to 15Kg, then 20Kg and if I’m really optimistic maybe 25Kg.

Remind me someone, the 100 metre Hyrox lunges are usually split into 6 lengths of 16.5 metres (ie there and back 3 times)?


From memory its usually 4 lengths. But could be course dependent. Eg. Farmers carry has been 6 lengths at some. Madrid was 2x 100m lengths

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I’ve seen three courses
Lunges were 4 x 25 m on all I think.

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Not proper strength work like you guys all do, but as part of my ‘little habits’ thing I’ve started a press up routine.

First week I did 2 x 10 whilst my coffee brews of a morning. Upped that today to 2 x 15.

Is there a magic number to aim for/not go over as I continue to build? I know, of course, not to replace form with pure numbers of reps. So I’m keeping an eye on that. Using them as an opportunity to really get the core working too.

Any other variations that are helpful to throw in the mix?

Also, any advice on rest between sets would be appreciated.



Use a mirror
Chest 3-4 “ from floor
Arms fully extended at the top, slower is harder, super slow is really hard.

I love numbers as you know, I’ve had 40? People ( mostly prisoners )
Doing the ten min challenge in the last 5 years.

Set the clock
…. Reps
On the min, every min the same amount of reps.
For ten sets, EVERYBODY does too many on the first set and can’t maintain it for the ten mins.

Just a bit of ( quite painful in the end ) fun, but several people commenting how beneficial and hard something so simple can be.


15 Press Ups and 15s Plank
14 press Ups and 15s plank
13 press Ups and 15s plank.

One for you @Mungo2
I managed it starting from 10 press Ups once and it was harder than expected.
Same with the Moby Bring Sally Up challenge, not sure I ever properly finished but got to the last bit


No rest ?!?

Duck a duck

Today and tomorrow is booked training wise but I’ll have a go at that late on next week.

I think I’ll be starting on ten !
Cheers short but not so sweet.

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Couldn’t resist !
10 of rach down to 1 then back to ten again.

Done lots of this stuff, surely the 1 of each 2,3,4, up and up to failure is the test ?

As everyone can do a small amount, 15 down would see some people finished very quickly I’m guessing ?
I’ll try that one, 15 would be a test.


Like so much I think it’s about small increases within yourself over time. If you’re aching like buggery the next day you over did it.

While increasing reps is simplest, you can elevate your feet on a step, then a chair etc until you’re doing Rambo head stand presses


Just add a few more reps each time. When you can knock out 50 in one go thats a pretty good standard to be at.

Dont just do press ups though, if you do too much of that without any back you will start to round your shoulders. Do some pull ups if you have a bar, or get some weights and do some rows


I’ve completed my first ever month of strength training. Hurrah. As expected, some quick gains have been made and I’ve hit over 1000W on the turbo. But…

I dread the days I’m doing strength work. Much like I dread speed sessions for running and cycling but you can do lots of easy effort runs and bike rides and still improve.

Will still keep going but I hope it gets easier and enjoyable at some point.


@mungo2 & @AndyG - Saw this and thought of you two.

Apologies for how long it has taken me to post it. :roll_eyes:


Knocking this off a touch till August as Bham is in Oct.
concentrating on running, press up pull up totals and drinking cider.

But I am starting a strength training program earlier, basically squatting / bench possibly dead lifts with 50 kg total hopefully get some nice numbers going.

Big HYDROX post on socials this morning … swimming then hyrox event for next year, thought I was still dreaming then realised the date !


You went back up?!? That’s 110 press ups plus few minutes of plank!!