Sub 80 HM

In light of these lofty w/kg threads, the more and more time that passes, the more i’m committed to this as my target for this year.

There must be a few here that have hit this already? How did you go about it?

Any other advice or sounding boards would be much appreciated.

The research has begun. I’ve got access to this great little Jack Daniels calculator and it’s shocking how much weight makes a difference! All i need to do is get to 68-69kg and i’m half way there!! :wink: Don’t think my wife is going to be so happy this summer if this plan comes off!! haha


Link me up!
I’m now 78-80kh, but was 69-70kg for a long time.
I’d be interested to know what a tee-total vegetarian diet could do again :man_shrugging:t4:

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Let me know if this works or not @Poet

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According to the calculator, if i run a 1:20 half at 74kgs, i could then theoretically run a <1:15 if i dropped down to 68kgs.

Obviously it’s not as simple as that - lean muscle mass etc etc, but it’s still quite stark.

I’ve found it!!!

Holy cow, if I “just” dropped back to my healthier looking race weight of 72kg, I’d be running 16:30 at the same parkrun!!!

Obviously, there are 900 caveats to this, but “Sheeettttt”

Are there any fat and calorie free wines and Pringles and sports mixture?


Can you add Haribo to that list too? :man_shrugging:t2::sob:


@gingerbongo - Just had a play with that spreadsheet, it is pretty darn good!
If I dropped down to 68kg, I’d be running 70 minutes :open_mouth:

Did you see the “what is humanly possible, for your current weight” box?
Reckons I could nudge under 75 at my current weight.

@Adam - Download the spreadsheet and add a “Haribo and Wine” consumption section :wink:


That sheet is coming up as view only for me

Download it as an Excel :smiley:

Ah ok. Was using the sheets app on my phone :+1:t2:

Couple of things;

  1. If I dropped down to a realistic (but low for me) race weight of 72kg (currently 79kg) then my half time could get significantly closer to 1.25 than the current 1.32 it is.

  2. Are you sure you wanted to share personal details like your birthday/height/weight with internet strangers?

I’ll never get down to 75 but I know a few kg’s would probably get me some more PB’s

When someone adds in the haribo restriction can you do one for chocolate milk drinks :roll_eyes:

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Easy, just be 20 years old and regularly running sub 3min/km on the track. Then run the occasional road race and 3:30/km will feel like jogging.


McMillan reckons that’s low 16’ 5k, mid 33’ 10k or low 56’ 10 mile equivalent. I’ve got nearly 7 minutes to find so probably not going to happen this year!

Anyone on my strava, instagram etc coud probably work all that out to be honest … and a lot more about my life! I’m not that fussed. I’ve got nothing worth stealing in real life or in my bank! :rofl:

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I presume the kids spent it all on pesky childcare.

Yep, that lines up with my best times.

Exactly that. And those blimmin 4 walls are expensive as well! :joy:

I had problems with the race selector drop down, anyone else have that issue? (if you do you need to readjust the cells where the dropdown is getting the data from)

I need exactly 100 seconds to go under 1:15. I am thinking of targetting this next November at the same race, It is basically 7k up then 14 down.

My up was relatively slow last year as my achilles were on fire after 4k and that was even after trying to manage them by not pushing to hard. The 14 down though I was good and nay bad at going downhill on roads.
So I reckon I need to drop 60 seconds on the first 7k and then hope I can drop 40 on the last 14k. As I write this, that feels massive. Though I had done a 16:45k race 4 days before and some 200m reps 2 days before, so perhaps a bit of free speed there :crossed_fingers:


Gingerbongo and YKK…you guys must have another gear. Those speeds feel incomprehensible. Good luck & will be watching. Are you thinking of following a particular training plan?

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