Interested in you sunnie choices. I’m not particularly brand loyal. For surfing/beach in Oz it was nearly always Bolle and I have a pair that stay permanently in my my car.

For casual street, I have a pair of RayBan New Wayfarers that are custom made with green tint polarized lens.

For cycling and running I’ve always been a fan of Rudy Project or Oakley but only have one pair of Oakleys at Winchester for cycling, the Radar EV photochromic, great in all conditions but can fog up a little on cold mornings (cycling or running). But they look boring AF.

Saw this brand on The Running Channel, good ethos and look pretty good value considering the custom options.

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Oakley and Ray Ban for me. Blue ones :rofl:

Those folding Wayfarers are my favs. Bought them at Heathrow in early 2014. Then only time I’ve ever seen anyone else wearing them was in Queenstown in NZ


Oakley for sports; except bike commuting in winter, then it’s £3 safety glasses from B&Q! Casual also Oakley. I have some Randolph Aviators too for casual/when I’m doing work for the US Govt :sweat_smile: Also look at Wiley if you want something semi-casual but robust.

Bolle used to be a main competitor for Oakley back 30 years ago; but the market is so big now. I’m guessing Oakley are still the pre-eminent brand.

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Been bugging me that I don’t have a clear lens pair for early morning or poor light

Get down to B&Q. Plenty of lens tints. I even have a pair of lightly ‘chromed’ lenses for lower light.

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Had a pair of these for years (in white)


I’ve got a very old pair of Rudy Project, ekynox I think, at the time they were one of the few that you could get prescription lenses for, I can’t bear the thought of putting contact lenses in.

Bought some Oakley’s about 6 years ago, think they’re Flak Jackets, there’s a company that can convert them to prescription lenses by removing most of the lens and replacing it, but the new part does stick out from the rest of the lens but isn’t really noticeable unless you are holding it.

Think my prescription has changed a bit since then but not enough that I can’t see where I’m going!

Edit: and I swim blind :joy:

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Funny you should say this. I have a pair of these for DIY and wondered if they’d be ok for low light/winter mtb rides?

When I did a lot of track racing, tinted lenses were banned at the velodrome, so had a good pair of Rudy clear but I’ve lost them along the way somewhere.

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You don’t wear contact lenses? I’d have thought a ‘dinky’ like you would have got laser surgery; although diminishing returns at your age now.

I should add that I’m a big fan of something doing more than one job, so I tend to look at photochromic. My only issue is for ultra running, these things are on your face for a long time, so being light is also key. I’d like a pair very bright, very long days running. (rare I know in the UK :smile:)

If the EVs are misting up (with their lens vents), I’m not sure anything could do a better job? I have the Radar EV in Sapphire iridium, and yeah they do mist in cold/wet weather, but are better than most.

Yeah, commuting is hard on glasses (chucking them into helmets/lockers etc), so I go with cheap safety ones unless it’s very sunny.

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Oh man, get the laser stuff done.
Bloody amazing.

Only thing it’s not great for is astigmatism, which I had corrected for in my old glasses and contact lenses. Waiting on new glasses for astigmatism and night driving, as it’s getting a bit worse and I had one particularly long and stupid towing drive last year which was pretty miserably tiring by the end of it.

Then turned around after three hours sleep and drove back from Bourges to the other side of Girona.

Nope, I have a massive phobia about eyes, probably linked to all the problems my father had. So no contacts or laser’ing.

It does help keep the flies and dirt out of them wearing glasses of course but you do get other problems.

I was going to get it done last year; but wife lost her job so didn’t want to blow £4k! (that was the LASEK with eye mapping). Had the consultation with Optimax, and man it was hard sell!

Oakley for me. Never used to like spending money on sunnies, as I don’t really feel they suit me (I never run in them, I will just wear a cap/visor if necessary), but the buy cheap buy twice mantra definitely applied with cheaper sunglass options.

Casual I have Oakley Holbrook
And then for riding I have some Jawbreakers (road prizm and photochromic lenses) and some Flight Jackets. The latter were new last year, mainly for riding on the TT in a normal helmet, as the top of the Jawbreaker frame could get annoying.

It’s weird, they are the only Oakleys that I have this issue with but at the moment, they are my only pair of Oakleys, all my others have been older. My 9yr old Rudy Kynetiks, that have been relegated to the kit I keep at Mum’s house never fog up. I should have kept those here. :smile:

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Mrs FP had it done in 2016. She’s worn glasses or contacts all her life and it was the best thing she ever did. She went with Optegra, IIRC it was circa £3.5k.

I need glasses more and more for reading these days, not sure it’d be worth it at 56, but I hate wearing them.

Rapha, Tifosi, Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Topshop :+1:t3:

Deffo don’t wear them for running.
Got plenty of caps for that.

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Conversely, I wear them running but no hat; despite my baldness!

Think of your future laughter lines :sunglasses: :rofl: