Super League Triathlon (NEOM)

Couldn’t find a Super League thread so thought it might be useful to have one but this was specifically prompted by my stumbling across this:

All star (I use the term loosely in some cases) single discipline athletes against top triathletes.
I think Super League got off to a bit of a shaky start as some of the formats they tried didn’t work too well but has settled down to enjoyable events that I like watching as a bit of a novelty. This appears to be another experiment that may or may not attract a different audience.

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Will Brian Jacks & Andy Ripley be taking part?

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As long as they haven’t got Kevin Keegan on the bike leg :see_no_evil:


For me anything to get a bit of TV coverage. The ITU really does need a shake up to bring some entertainment to the sport and I love Super League and its throwback to the 80’s and 90’s when the sport was “real” and attracted decent sponsorship money and good close racing.

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…and allowed the Speedo/Man bra combo.


Any mention of Superstars on a triathlon forum deserves this vid.

I remember Joshua also crushed everyone else on the uphill mountain bike distance race despite the weight disadvantage. The guy is some athlete.

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Who was it that always did really well on that, was it Alain Baxter from memory?

Just listened to Chris Mcormak OA podcast this week, where he talked about how him vs Lance Armstrong in a triathlon was part of the inspiration behind Super League equaliser.

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Yes! That would of been some race…

… also loved his candid view of all the fans boys in the pro ranks!

I’ve just finished my audio book for the month, so this podcast will fill my commutes for the next week whilst I wait for my new credit just nicely!