Swimming for Hammers and Spoons

This sounds hopeful :+1: and will definitely be better than just one arm. I think you’ll make the cut off whatever, so that’s good! Also don’t forget on the way back down the canal you’ll have a small current to help you (if I remember correctly) so it’s mainly the first half of the swim that will be the most stressful.

Extending is likely to be the reason he can’t use the arm.

I’m not seeing any solutions here Matt, only concerns you’ll already know about; exhaustion and safety. Consequently I’m trying to imagine the most efficient way to swim with one arm - regardless of speed.

Yeah this is what I’m thinking…without the paddle.

How good is your kick? (Mine is terrible)

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Not the usual swimming featured here, but the ‘rescue’ photos at the bottom are something else.

  • Fainting underwater! :astonished:
  • Coach making an impressive bee line for her.

to add to the theme of related unrelated, I finished coaching last night and the “underwater hockey” team started training. That is mental sport. Never seen it before except the odd clip on TV


Octopush, I’d never heard of it before until recently either. My niece’s boyfriend used to play, went to the world championships and everything.

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