A place to discuss the day’s racing as it happens, or shortly after, without spoiling it for those that are watching highlights!


Ahah. Hidden in the weeds…

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Bennet has taken a hit!

He better bloody not have :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

3 bananas in, and Ive taken my first toilet break!

Pissing down now😳

So many memories of the smell of stale piss as they pass the end of the airport… anyone who has done IM France will know what I mean!


Yeah, Froone predicted the weather coming in, looks sketchy

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Must be bad given how slowly they’re all descending

Absolute carnage

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The descent conditions are just like those we had during IM France in 2014… was all fine for the Brits, who had plenty of experience in the rain… the skinny suntanned Italians were terrified though… and a fair few came off the mountains in space blankets!

It was kind of unsettling though to hear nothing but the sound of ambulances echoing around the valleys, and to find someone laying on the road or picking bits of gravel out of their legs round every other corner!!!


Shite. Alaphilippe

Which Bennett? I’ve got both!!

He’ll be alright… looks like a few of the older hands or cooler heads are slowing the peleton down


Wait for the highlights! :joy:

No (Sam) hes back in the peleton and okay anyway.

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This is another massive unknown though isn’t it? All very well holding TdF in July with wonderful French summer weather, but wouldn’t fancy those alpine passes with Autumnal storms rolling through…

Suspect if they get to week 3 it could be more dangereux than ever. Here’s hoping they’re on corsa 2G or 4 seasons…something with a bit of bloody grip!


Disc brakes, ummmm🤔

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They on rim brakes?
Discs are too heavy

JV using calipers for weight savings

Looks like frickin carnage. Crashes everywhere!

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