The 2019 weigh-in thread

A place for mattsurf to post his latest musings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Easter has made things difficult here (my son doesn’t really like chocolate!), and I’ve finally gotten around to replacing the batteries in the scales. I certainly need to rein it in a bit, first race on Sunday, so I need to reduce my calorie intake to match the reduced training…73.8kg this am.

I’m going to have a post count to match Jorgan and Hammerer on this new site at this rate!

I’ve not really gone down in weight at all. Training has slipped a little (from a volume perspective) and i like my food. Still hovering around 74-75kg - but if i go over 75 then that’s it; sh!t will have to go down.

Really i should be racing under 70kgs!

Yeah, if you were 5’8" you defo need to grip it :laughing:

I’m 5ft 8 and a half i’ll have you know!!!

After 100km riding and 12. 5k run I weighed 69.3… Admittedly I was 71.3kg before going out

5’8 1/2, 173cm

Locked in at 73.8. Should continue to drop once the remnants of the Easter eggs disappear.

I’m 5’7 and 7/8. Crept up to 69kg over winter but two weeks in the alps carting my kids ski gear around (plus some running and snowboarding) saw me back in the 67.xx area. Despite chocolate and beer everyday. They go well together.
Starting to train regularly now… will probably see the 65kg area come October marathon day…

I feel tall on this thread! (182cm)


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I’m going to hit 30 posts today…18k seems a long way off

69.2 kg…down 0.6kg despite being in spain and portugal…

Started the year at 96kg, currently stuck at just under 89kg and not seeing any movement down at all

Weighed in at 77kg at Leeds uni two weeks ago when I was helping a PhD study :worried: when he put it in the BMI calculator I came out as slightly overweight, 174CM tall.

Body fat is probably ~14%

Need to make an effort again, a couple of Kg’s would make a fair difference when running, I was more around 75kg a month or so ago, but TBF I had been eating just before he weighed me.


I’m steady at 73.9! Damn you, shortbread biscuits!

73.8 three days in a row now, since I got the scales going again. I’m starting to get suspicious.

Peaked at 81.5kg a few weeks ago and now I’m hovering around 80kg. Plan is to head down to 75kg and see if I can maintain it there. I’m a porker at only 178cm not like some of you whippet like trafleets.

I’m currently hovering at 79-80kg at 184cm.
A long way off my 69.7kg dream weight.

Just think how much easier a 17min 5km would be without the spare tyre (tubular, obvs)

Been between 79 and 80 for the last week (so a clear improvement on the 80 - 81.5). Trying intermittent fasting on the recommendation of my wife - I eat normally between 12pm and 8pm. Planning to eat more on days with intensity but it seems management on the easy days.

I’ve been yo-yoing a bit, and almost hit 75 on Monday morning; I pigged-out after Sunday’s hard early morning ride! I was 73.5 this morning I think. I’m not weighing myself religiously at the moment, just a few times a week.