The 2020 weigh-in thread

75.7kgs. Not bad, but not great either.

For my sins, I’m doing Veganuary this year. I used to be a veggie anyway and don’t eat much meat. But I’m really going to struggle giving up cheese and milk. I’m just curious as to what effect, if any, it has on my weight, power, run speed. Probably f**k all, but will be interested to see what effect it might have.


133kg :shushing_face:
BP: 144/107

Only way is down from here I hope. Not going to don anything drastic. Cut out the booze, eat better food, start raising the training again.

I’m 5 days off the booze already, feel less bloated, even if it’s not reflected on the scales.


Dry January started after midnight last night. Let’s see if it makes a positive difference.


97.7kg this morning from 96.0 on Monday. I’m convinced that’s entirely the contents of my stomach after last night’s takeaway so hoping most of gain will come off easily.
I’ve done dry January for nearly 30 years now but may try and get to my target of 90kg before my next drink and see how long that takes.

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87.9, been slowly going the wrong way. Sub 80 by April would be great.


Probably 82kg right now, up 2 from early December due to a MONTH of illness, no training and xmas.

Target 75kg on July 4th with 300w FTP for 4w/kg. FTP test coming up in a week or so, it’ll tell it all.

Currently sipping the leftover champagne having just had a massive dessert. Might need to change a bit. :slight_smile:

109kg this morning, however first ride and first swim of 2020 logged.

Finished the year at 73kg. Thats 5kg up from the summer, but have been hitting the weights more over the last 3 months. How much of that 5kg is muscle and how much is fat remains to be seen. :rofl:

79.5kg the offseason hasn’t been kind. Back doing IF with low carb and going to cut back on alcohol. Will see how quickly the first 2kg shift - need them to as the work trousers are feeling tight!


Not bad after Xmas and lots of chocolate…

77.5kg this morning - far too heavy for me. I expect to be sub 70 by end of Feb and 67.5 for an April marathon.

I’m doing dry Jan and Feb again and will see how I feel at that point.

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about 110kg at the mo but just had my first short run of 2020 this morning.

I had a cardiac ablation procedure just over 2 months ago to (hopefully) give a long term cure to atrial fibrillation, so after recovering from that, I’m just starting back into trying to get my fitness back to what it was like about 3 years ago before AF struck.

I’m not doing any of this Dryanuary or Veganuary bollocks but just upping the output and reducing the input so slowly over the months my fitness comes back and the weight starts to drop off a bit. my natural weight is around 95-100kg so if I can get back to something like that will be good.

time will tell


79.2kg last night, highest for a very long time, not a huge surprise due to a lack of exercise outside of commuting in part due to achilles issues and increased food/beer. Not going dry but certainly cutting back during the week.

Aim to be <75kg by February 1 and see where we go from there…

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73kg @182cm, about 5-6kg more than i’d been sat at for the last year so initial aim is 68kg then look at addressing BF%. Work trousers (and most of the running kit) also feeling far too small at the moment!

Unofficially not drinking for a month, though less to do with weight and more to do with general feeling

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My scales are weirdly missing a battery (someone must have pilfered it for something else) so I don’t know how much I weigh. But my gut feeling (get it) is that I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. I reckon I’m knocking on 76kg door.

Need to tidy up the diet - this has been my worst Xmas for just junking out - May go dry for January, it won’t be a ‘thing’, I just like to prove to myself that it’s all under my control. I did it with caffeine a while ago. Went cold turkey for a couple of months. Now I drink probably 80/20 decaf. Though it’s mine and my wife’s bday next week, so may just have one glass of wine with our meal as we have babysitters. So it’d be rude to waste the opportunity.

Need to find a routine again. See the physio, hope this stinking cold finally sods off. That’s should see me down to 72 with relative ease.

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I hate to think.
Since Malaga I have done a parkrun, one other little trot on Xmas eve, and a couple of swims. All the while gorging myself, boozing like I was back at uni, and just generally indulging on my holidays. I’ve not had a hangover like new years day in a long time. Including the 3 stags I did this year (I trained after all of those…2 days on and I still feel ropey from this one).

And I have another week or more of holiday to go. The scales are not going to be kind on my return


Surprised myself with a 69.8kg

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74.6kg First time weighing myself in many, many months.

128kg this morning. I’ve had flu last couple of days, havent felt very hungry and last night I woke up soaked in sweat, had to change the bed. Think the wife thought I’d pissed myself. Probably a bit dehydrated.

BP 140/94 which is a massive improvement already, still it’s very bad, but 13 points down on diastolic. Assume 8 days booze free is to thank for that.


Got some new batteries.

Weighed before breakfast admittedly but was pleasantly surprised to see 74.1kg. Thought I’d be over 75 for sure. So that’s perked me up a tad. Though this hanging head cold and gravel chest is certainly not! I’ve never had an illness like it. Whinge, whinge.