The 2020 weigh-in thread

Yep, been hovering around the overweight category for quite a few years and although I could lose a few KG’s I’d hardly say I was fat!

I suspect it works reasonably well for about 80% of people though.

or those that come from backgrounds like rugby (me) or rowing where our body mass is often very high exclduing any fat. according to the BMI charts I am morbidly obese - sure, I’m carrying a bit of excess these days but ffs, I still have one chin and can see my muscles (in the right light… :wink:)

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Saw a sub-13 stones on the scale this morning. So under 2 stone left to reach race weight. But given I’m not going to make race weight for my HM in March and no other events yet on the horizon it may all simply be for vanity.

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Ate and drank like it was Xmas to try and shift cold… dumbed the training right down…

72.3kg this morning …!

On the mend anyway … onwards.

Potentially something related to this in play, but also probably a return to training (80k bike Sunday, 2k swim Monday, 1hr turbo Tuesday) leaving me dehydrated has already led to a reduction to 73.3kg this morning. That’s a bit more bearable!

Based on my Tuesday weight, my FTP test had me just a smidge above 3w/kg. Really rather poor.
Goal weight, plus goal FTP, would have that at bang on 4w/kg. When I write it like that, that seems a pretty hefty growth target.

That’s pretty much what I’m aiming for. I need to lose 3kg and get back to my ftp a year ago and I should be around there.

3.4w/kg for me derived from ramp test last night, also aiming for 4. As you say it sounds like a massive jump but that’s only 3kg and ~30 watts from a relatively untrained state so fingers crossed!

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For me, it’s about 4.5kg down (although c3 of that is just excess weight from holiday splurge), but a hefty 50w FTP increase from where I was last night. That’s a 22% increase!!

That said, the test last night is from a seriously untrained state (on the bike). I would like to think a few weeks and I’ll get back about 20 of those watts.

69.7 Kgs, a bit of work to do post Xmas month of mayhem. None stop beer, wine, coffee, chocolate, biscuits (about 1/2 packet a day - stroke coming my way soon yikes). Just finished 3rd day off alcohol, coffee and shit food, by heck it’s tough.


steady training since Christmas - down to 71 - 5kgs less than this time last year :slight_smile:


At it this week!

76.3 kg. Far too heavy for my 5’7”, however, not bad considering the amount of food I consumed in December.

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Okay I need to structure my eating again to get this house back in order.

Last two weeks Ive gone from 5h training to 8h, to 9.5h, gained weight and held my +2kg into this week. I mean 2kg of lard is quite a lot, ffs.

06:00 Protein porridge and berries or boiled eggs and toast, white coffee no sugar
09:00 Latte no sugar
12:00 Tuna or chicken sandwich, latte no sugar
15:00 Water
Family Dinnertime - whatever, just add vegetables.
22:00 No Christmas Log/Cake/Pudding/Pies/Chocs/Cookies


I’ll still fuel my long runs with race day caffeine gels. 2h45 this Saturday.


I honestly think that an active person eating 3 meals a day can’t go far wrong. It’s what happens between the meals that causes the problems!

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First post - been following for a few years

114kgs - Jan 1st weight in, will shed 10kgs before first event in May.


@Jaawe Welcome. Which event are you doing?

Outlaw half, then 113 Cotswold before Vichy full.

Was looking for some insight on anyone who did Vichy last year, as they added some hills in 19 & some more in 20 = now 2300m

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Yep! For me if I want to lose weight I need to eat bigger meals. More savoury stops me mindlessly snacking on sugar/processed rubbish once I’m hungry/tired.

I’m one of those annoying people who just seemingly eats whatever, and still keeps the weight off. Granted, I exercise a lot; cycle to work 4x a week and around 12h week total. Last Friday someone brought in goodies and I had 2 jam donuts and a Belgian Bun on top of all my own food. I graze for England at work, and it doesn’t seem to affect me; I just process it. So at work this morning (already had porridge at home) before I go swimming at lunchtime, I will consume:

2 apples, 2 bananas, 2 Tesco Munch bars (266kcal ) 2 Nature Valley Bars (384kcal); so in all roughly 900kcal. Christmas didn’t seem to make a dent either, even with reduced volume (abeit way more running).

I don’t think ‘fasting’ seems to work for me, just steady input. I’m doing Dry January, and think that might help. Is anyone else not drinking alcohol at the moment?