The 4w/kg thread

I like very hot baths! Even when I drink a litre of water in the bath I still emerge a little dehydrated for a couple of hours afterwards. Funny you mention saunas - I’d love a sauna in the house but the bath will have to suffice. You can get garden saunas but £££.

I believe not - skin is waterproof. The wrinkling reaction iirc is a left over gene when increasing the surdace area in water was useful.

Happy to be corrected though.

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That does seem to be the current thinking, Scientific American Article

People often assume that wrinkling is the result of water passing into the outer layer of the skin and making it swell up. But researchers have known since the 1930s that the effect does not occur when there is nerve damage in the fingers.

Bold bit added by me, because that is the most interesting thing I’ve read today. It’s still pretty early, but I find that quite interesting. Oooh, it’s going to be a wild Thursday waiting to see if that gets topped!


Interesting. Thanks

This really is getting into the weeds of reaching 4W/KG, very Slowtwitch. Just go ride more!

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That is interesting!

Enjoy your Thursday:

Interesting Facts

I got the Zwiftpower flag of almost Cat A this morning after the Fast Friday Tempus Fugit TT. Out of interest how much of a jump is it from Cat B to A? I’m starting to enjoy the weekend racing and TTs during the week but if I’m going to get spat out the back and riding on my own I would rather be prepared for it now than 2 mins into the race.

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I’m thinking of putting a few kilos back on & be back in cat B haha.

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Measured in at 66.4kg last night which bumps the w/kg up a bit. 4.0 for an hour certainly seems closer now than it did a few weeks ago


Officially tested above 4 for the first time ever.

69kg (was 68.4kg after, but clearly down on water).

RAMP Test 289 watts

4.188 w/kg

Next target is 300 watts at 68kg by end of July.

Then we shall see.


Great result, similar numbers and weight to me.

Finally feel justified posting something here! Just had a good Zwift race, Yorkshire. Found myself with a German guy caught between 1st and 2nd groups. Stayed there rest of the race and he got away at the end, but still good for 6th/39 cat B. 277W for 22 mins is just over 4W/kg

FTP 3.87W/kg

This Landis-esque jump over the last 2 months I put down to actually riding a bike for once rather than just thinking about it then thinking “nah”. Zwift definitely helps although am also loving riding outside in the warmer weather


Is the bell to notify the other half when refreshments are required?! :wink:


Haha only if I wanted them poured over my head


He can’t reach the bell pull from his bike.

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Edging nearer… 272W is the target for 4W/kg … did need a little lie down on the floor after tonight’s effort though.

(I think the reason it hasn’t updated old FTP is that I ride my son’s Zwift account & delete the rides rather than saving them. Seems wrong to pay twice for the same thing??)


How old is your son? Kids play for free

He’s 16 which I think may be the age where they have to cough up. At the moment we both weigh exactly the same, although I am a bit shorter. As far as i can tell it works to use the same account. If he loses interest I might switch it over to me but right now he seems keen so I’m encouraging it.

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My son is the same age and at the moment has taken to road cycling as I am unable to ride outside yet. He is now after a Zwift account for winter training.

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