The 5w/kg thread

Has anyone achieved this?

My Zwift ride today, race up the Alpe du Zwift, I managed 4.4w/kg average and 4.5w/kg 20 minute effort. It got me thinking what would it take to get to 5.0w/kg

I could get down to 70kg and 20min effort up to 350w. Or I could get me weight to 65kg and power to 325w

Is it possible? this time last year, I was at 3.6w/kg on the same course, now at 4.4w/kg

FTP also increased to 315w according to TP

It might be possible but I suspect you might have to sacrifice your running or swimming, or at least significantly reduce them.

You’d probably need to keep muscle mass, any ideas what your body fat % is, don’t want to go too low.


I have a minor run niggle at the moment, so not run since Wednesday. I think that running regularly does take a bit off the top end of cycling ftp.

Not done an accurate assessment of body fat, Withings has mine at 16.5%, however, I just follow trend rather than believe the absolute measure

Perhaps @TROSaracen might come close, no idea if he’s W/kg or just high Watts, just seem to remember he posted lots on the TT threads. Suspect if anyone’s come close they’re a cyclist first and foremost and not balanced triathlete, unless skipper comes back!

A 350W 20min best effort doesn’t equate to 350W FTP. Which is presumably what you need to claim 5W/kg.

Sorry chaps I’m nowhere near 5 w/kg. 4 is the highest I’ve been, currently trying to get back there from current 3.6.

Always balance training between S, B and R so don’t think I’ll ever get to 4.5, let alone 5, especialy as at 53 Father Time is starting to kick in.

I’d do better on a w/cda basis.

We have a few star riders around these parts.
There are only a couple who actually have v. high w/kg.

… both of them come in well under 70kg. (in fact I think piglet is well under 10 stone, so that would be 63 or less).

The others are in the 75/85kg category and put down serious power.

edit for serious inability to write sense this morning

Yes a few guys I ride with can put down some serious power. Only a few of them sub 70kg. And still probably at 4.7 - w/pk for 20 minutes. But they are out and out cyclists though

I’ve done right around 5w/kg for 20 minutes ( as part of I was under 71kg before and after the trip, but no scales for the day) Maryka has too a number of times, but as said, that is a long, long way off a 5w/kg FTP, but 5w/kg for 20minutes is probably within range for you.

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That was a seriously impressive climb of Tabayesco. 20 mins at 355W equates to an ftp of 335, which seems mindblowing. I am never going to do that on an ftp test, the only possible way to achieve it would be a similar climb to Tabayesco… it’s got me thinking, I am in Lanzarote on a training camp in March…

The day before I’d done Which was something like 330 NP for 69 minutes, so that would be about right. I would be miles lower than either in any sort of FTP Test, but equally could possibly have gone harder with appropriate race motivation.

bows out gracefully back to the 4w/kg thread

Crumbs that’s some effort on consecutive days.

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Yeah, but in a triathlon, Jim would be eliminated after having missed the swim cut-off due to rip-tides :wink:


well some swimming pools sure do have strong currents.

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Endless pools?

Getting close

At my Weekend’s cross triathlon I did 345W on the bike for the 6km course (12m10s) to give me 4.85w/kg


Depends what the time requirement is i.e. is it from CP20 or longer? I could probably manage 5w/kg for a couple of mins :sweat_smile:

My goal is really simple 5w/kg for 20 minutes

I had just swam 600m before this, I was working hard, but could have held on to this power; my final 3km were above 360w.

According to Garmin I’m looking at about 30 seconds :hot_face:

There is a point here though where we should be consistent about quoting these figures.
In descending order we have CP20, 95% of CP20 or 95% of CP20 with the clearing efforts beforehand. The last of which supposedly represents FTP which can also be derived from a ramp test or full on 1 hour TT.


Yeah, agreed. My goal of 4w/kg on the other thread are all about computed FTP v weight. There’s still differences in that depending on your testing protocol, but different protocols are at least all attempting to approximate FTP