The 5w/kg thread

According to my Trainerroad power curve for this season (so since I got back off holiday in middle of Jan), I’m at 1 minute 3 seconds for max duration of 5x my weight today.

My all time record at that power is 2 minutes 29 seconds. So yeah, 5w/kg is never going to happen!

Looking with the same mindset but with 4x, my current season best is 3:12 and my all time best is 8:35. Which shows how much of a stretch 4w/kg on an FTP basis really is for me.

Which is an approximate thing anyway

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Yes, true. But I’d already used the word once which I thought was sufficient caveating!

The best predictor of performance is performance itself! Any ramp test or CP20 I used to estimate FTP I’d want to back up with a CP60 or 25 mile TT anyway. The former(s) just give an idea of what to ‘aim’ for in the latter