The alternative rant thread - I LOVE

If it’s truly intelligent surely it will realise playing noughts and crosses is a waste of time :slight_smile:

War Games anyone?



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Duude. They did that in the Film War Games like 36 years ago.

Pastel de Nata’s.
They are SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD. :heart_eyes::drooling_face:
And I love that UK supermarkets now do them and I no longer have to wait for trips to Portugal or find a random bakery in London doing proper ones. Traditional egg custards are just not in the same league.

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But bakery ones are WAY better than the ones from Waitrose :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Never been into the egg custard.

I’ve never been into a Waitrose

I thought you’d be just the type; in the same way Giles off Gogglebox is?


I have actually been in one before. Mind you, I’d love to not have to worry about a basket of items costing about a ton! Lidl all the way mate (and lots of inefficient trips to Coop!).

CO-OP?! You must be minted :sweat_smile:

Local butcher. Spend some cash or lose them!


Life., beer, shit food, coffee, alcohol in general, being a lazy (not sports mind) fucker. getting away from her indoors and the rescue zoo for a night or two yayy.

The night before a best mate’s 50th… gagging for when Sarah Hughes Ruby Red will be on tap yum yum.

Swimming breastroke with a pullboy, arms only, faster than most with arms and legs (ego issues?)

Feeling good when I look at other 55 year olds and think “you fat unfit bastard” … even tho I may go (of a heart attack) first!


Good eggs.

That’ll do, now where’s that chocolate stout …


Isn’t that the male condition? Selective energy & hearing.


Ringwood 49er (I miss good beer living in Switzerland)
Chocolate (I would miss good chocolate living in UK, but beer is more important)

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How are you finding life in CH?

I always found it clean, efficient & geographically beautiful; but rather anodyne in most other respects. I much preferred Bavaria.

That sums it up nicely. Even the Swiss need to get out of Switzerland on a frequent basis, just to remind themselves that there is a world with character outside… however, they love to come back home. Worryingly, I think that my relationship with Switzerland is developing that way. If / when I leave, I will really miss the mountains

It takes a long time to become friends with Swiss people, however, once you get to know them, you do realize that they do actually have a sense of humor and are very friendly

Same in most places I think, especially if there’s a language difference; which is why expats tend to be drawn together. There were other foreign liaison staff where I was, so there was that instant ‘connection’. The Italians were actually a lot of fun; but really pedantic about food & coffee…which I exploited whenever possible :smiling_imp:

That’s a blast from the past. Not drunk any 49er is ages. Will have to seek it out next time I’m down in Hants

Wetherspoons 2 quid a pint!! Decent beer as well


Ahhh. And I finally get the log burner on for the first time this season. Coupled up with a nice cold glass of chardonnay. Quality.