The Fan Dance

I’m up for this, has anyone entered? Sat or Sun, single or double tap?

:sweat_smile: might be. My entry is deferred to 19th Sep. Load Bearing category over the ‘classic’ course. I’ve been training since February, should have been doing it tomorrow!


I do like a Saturday race. Clean fatigue for me though.

I’m tempted but just not sure I’m in the right place mentally to commit to the training


Just do what I do, train as normal then check the profile on the way to the race, it’s like an early Xmas present. :smile:


It’ll be fine as there’s loads of walking!

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I had looked into it as I’ve always enjoyed jaunts in the Brecons, but my primary motivation was going to be slapping @Jorgan on his arse as I passed him.

After pontificating & prevaricating for a bit I’ve decided that it’s expensive for a fell race & I don’t think I could handle the condescending/murderous looks from the wide loads as I started to pick them off.

For those reasons I’m out…but I’m going to enjoy following your varying training regimes, preparations & executions.

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:sweat_smile: that will just have to remain a dream! I’m reckoning any clean fatiguers who want to catch me are going to need to be doing a (potentially) race winning time.

I’m hoping to get out early one morning when we’re in Aviemore next month; got a loop I’m eyeing up from a lower ski Car Park via Cairn Lochan & Cairngorm. Should get me roughly FD ascent in 16km, but with more rugged views :ok_hand:


Are you sure Nicola will let you in?

At the moment, yes.

I’m in for the clean fatigue on 19th. Just out to enjoy it no dick swinging on my part. Anyway, Jorgan can get the shandy in for us lightweight.

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I’ll be at cardiff for a few years and am looking forward to training on the Beacons once more…

Shandy is quite refreshing, but don’t tell anyone!


Waiting on news of another event that would be the weekend before… :roll_eyes:

Clearly the answer is do both


If anyone is sat on the fence might want to get a move on. AEE just put something on Facebook saying it’s close to sold out.

Not surprising, once word had gotten around that I’d entered. Happens all the time. :grin:


I assumed GB had thrown his hat into the ring; I mean, he’s looks pretty cute in his pics n’all :sweat_smile:

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Better get on it dude!