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Pillar box red (RAL 3020), the aim is to update the look of the bike and aim for something like the Suter or 916 Senna (which I realise is an old bike but the Suter is newish) but still have 25 year old elements like the dash and non-radial brakes (the brakes more than capable yet many people spend a fortune fitting radial brakes from a 600 Suzuki (or similar) front end and spoiling the yoke offset and the handling which is the whole point of having a light weight 250!).

Just glad I can get on with things soon, we’ve got tyres in the hallway, brake disks and airbox in the kitchen, boxes of tubes and bits all over the place and it’s totally in the way.


Exactly, trying to maintain a specific speed or u-turns. That first couple of percent on the throttle/ fuel map.

It’s partly down to euro emissions. The bikes are so lean to get through the tests. Newer engine designs try to improve it with different valve technologies etc. The 1290 KTM is much improved over the old 990 for example. Same with Ducati’s DVT engines.


Yeah I was reading about it all before I bought it and the Z900 seems to be one of the bad ones for it but from what I read about the magic of the ECU flash, I did expect it to be a bit smoother because the programming allows fuel to be in the mix on a closed throttle (you do have to disconnect the O2 sensor though). sorry Greta :smile:

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If thats what you did then that is similar to the old KTM hack. By removing the O2 sensors you move the fuelling to the main fuel map (instead of closed loop) and then they modify the main fuel map to dial in more fuel on the part throttle positions. It helped but didn’t cure it. Sounds a very similar experience.

The 100% fix for this is just to nail it everywhere :slightly_smiling_face:


It does ride smoother when I wind it on :smile:

New tail unit has arrived (three weeks late) and had its first test it. I can’t see where the shock resovoir goes but I’m sure it’ll become obvious later on - hopefully. I’ve had to relocate the two main computer boxes (ECU and Servo Control Unit) and eek the loom out so it’ll all fit. It’s been a bit of a headache and much too hot on the patio but it’s all getting there.


Love this, you are building something special there.


Yes. I’ve never even ridden a motorbike and I’m enjoying the progress on this build - it’s coming together nicely (I’m sure it’s costing you a small fortune)


Loving how this is coming together

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Loving your work @AndyS My bike continues to prove itself a PoS. I purchased a new fuel pump, but obviously it was rubbish. lesson learnt re. Buying cheap stuff from fleabay. The new pump was the cause of the 10A fuse blowing. I checked everything else. All continuity on all the connections was correct. Opened up the replacement pump and the points would not move and I just thought ‘what else is wrong, that I can’t see?’ So I’ve written that £35 off and I’ve emailed Quantum pumps to see what they think might be suitable.

In the meantime, I’ve started work on the rear end and yesterday turned into a dismantling day. Firstly, the rear brake hydraulic assembly came out. Yes, the pistons are completely siezed and the hydraulic actuator looks knackered too. Then the rear wheel came off and I got the sprocket and disc rotor off. Lastly, the chain guard and brake support assembly came off. I’ll get the chain off later, and then start cleaning up, before getting a big order in for all the rubbers. I’ll take the wheel in to work, where I should be able to dismantle it further, ready to get it powder coated.

Completely siezed rear brake caliper

More boxes of bits.


spankin mate :+1:


I made the flyer for the local bike night.
Please direct any modelling requests to the Stevie Wonder Agency :rofl:




Polishing up the end can


I’m thinking of going to a bike night tonight at Alton Station Cafe in Hampshire

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I’ve only recently started going to them but they’re a good excuse to go out and you always get chatting with people when you get there.
I’m terrible for not riding my bike as I don’t really have a reason, having somewhere to actually go gives me that extra bit of impetus.

This is me as well. I don’t know anyone else that rides locally, so I just go to Loomies, look at the other bikes and come back. :smile:

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Found this site, had no idea there was so many venues locally!

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Seems the world is conspiring against me over these wheels. Collected them last Friday and phoned the mobile mechanic to arrange fitting of the bearings - no reply. Phoned again on Monday, text him on Tuesday, got a reply - he’s on holiday for two weeks. Called the back up mechanic and he’s really busy, can’t do anything for two weeks.

FFS. Ended up going to the engine builder who is a good chap but 25 miles away. So 100 miles later (one trip to drop off and one to collect) and the wheels are back. Took them to the local tyre fitting guy - not happy doing freshly powder coated wheels but luckily his brother has a motorcycle wheel refurb shop and he was happy to fit the tyres.

I’ve just fitted the discs and here they are, freshly powder coated Brembo wheels with new Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa (medium) tyres.

Hurrah. I probably could have fitted the bearings myself but didn’t want to hammer the wheels to fit them. Luckily, the engine chap spotted one of the dust covers was dented and supplied a replacement FOC so all good in the end. Just needs to cool down a bit and I’ll fit them to the bike.


Beautiful mate :+1:

That looks lush! Worth the wait, Andy.

My latest motorcycle news. I’ve ordered a new rear brake master cylinder. It’s a pattern part but from a well respected supplier and had good reviews. A lot less hassle than trying to refurb the old one. I’ll keep the OEM one and refurb in the future.

The rear caliper is in a dreadful state.

I’m currently soaking the pistons in order to try to get them out. I’ve bought a refurb kit. A guy in the States has one he can sell me, but trying to sort out my own first. I’ve just bought an air compressor. I’ll use it to try to get the pistons out but also fancy having a go at my own respraying. Might save me some money in the long run. I’m also starting to sort out my shed so that I can put a small workbench in there. To keep the project ticking over I’m going to need a space to do my tinkering during the winter months.