The over 50's

That’s good to hear.

I’ve just applied for the medical certificate, my doctor signed one for ADH about 11 years ago but can’t get past the reception these days :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So I’ve gone to the online vendor. Good job I checked though, it needs to be returned this month and I didn’t get any reminders or prompts, fairly sure I did at the start of 2020 before it got binned.

Fingers crossed they don’t reject it because of my blood sugar!


This guy’s doing something right

“Jogger Jo” to AG world record


Bloody hell!

That’s awesome!

Not quite in the same league, but check the results on here: Athlete Profile

Cathy is in my old club, Exmouth Harriers; i was chatting with her the other day. A lovely, lovely lady. And seriously quick! Her parkrun Age grade thing last week was somethign like 99.x% !


Wow, looks like she was proper fast in her youth too - 16 min 5km and 33 min 10km, not many ladies can say that


I remember Cathy, scary to think she is now 60+!

She would win all the races as I was growing up. I remember when I ran my first 10 mile road race I realised after about half a mile that she was just ahead. I decided she must know how to pace these things so I ran with her. There was a turning point just after half way and I can still recall the kick she put in after the turn and I was hanging on for the next 4 miles. I’m sure we negative split, if I had known it was a thing back then.


No way, that’s cool. Cathy is ace. She helped me a lot when I first got started into this running lark.

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I was beaten by the winner of the mens v70 category this weekend at the TP100 by the legend Ken Fancett in his 90th 100 mile event

And when I say beaten, beaten by almost 4 hours :roll_eyes:


He is a legend isn’t he, back when I was in the Uk, he was always called out at Centurion races, I think he was around 60 races then…

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Now that my early season races have finished for a while I’m considering my training for the next few months, next official races are late July for consecutive 70.3’s but I might enter something in between and a couple of TT’s.

I think my best option for UTMB is probably balanced training with longer bike rides so I don’t break myself again! And if I want I’d possibly have the option of an Ironman if I’m feeling daft enough. I do have the option to swap the race in Maastricht to the full distance the day after if I pay the difference but I can’t bring myself to it yet after feeling a bit nackered after recent 5 hour races! But my Strava chart is about the highest it’s been since 2020. It’s a shame it won’t go back to 2019 when I had a fairly good year and did Hamburg (despite it being a disaster on the day).

So, my thought is to split longer efforts throughout the week rather than doing a long run\bike at the weekend. I think I’ll struggle with that these days and don’t really like going missing for hours both days, except for odd occasions.

A rough plan is.

Wed - long run, 1:30-2 hours, possibly building to 2:30
Fri - long swim, working up to 3K+
Sat\Sun - long ride, building up to 5 hours, maybe longer, will ride on the better day and possibly a short run\second ride\rest on the other day

I’d then look to do a quality session on the Thursday, probably on the bike and either a club 10 or Zwift, accepting tired legs.

Maybe a parkrun at the weekend. Anything else would either be an easy session on the bike or run, and aiming to fit 2-4 swims in including an O\W.

But that looks like 5 big or quality sessions per week so I’d need to get the intensity right on the longer days. Would also have an option to do a longer ride during the week if I used a half day or something or swap the long run.

I’d also think about a 2+1 so that I get an easier week every 3 weeks. Problem is I’m not sure how well I’ll stick to it, but flexibility is also a bonus.

I know we are all different and might have more\less stress at work etc. but for anyone else doing a fair bit of training, maybe 12-15 hours how do you manage it?

Nearer the time I might also either swap out for some long hilly walks or back to back days walking in the Lakes.

I’ve been quite tired the last few days though, but I think I’m hindering myself with my diet again so might get another couple of CGM’s to monitor my glucose for the rapid fluctuations, I think this isn’t helping or something else I’m eating!

(Sorry it’s a bit long!)


You can overthink stuff you know …


Don’t get injured

The end…!

Your going well … most aren’t it seems this year, enjoy

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Yes, I’d aim to do the longer stuff at an easy pace to make it the 80, the harder session like Zwift or a parkrun would make up the 20, or even less.

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I know you know what your doing, this is my only night off in 35 days… 3 big Baileys and I’m chatting crap…

Stick at it


I’m open to all suggestions or advice, but can be my own worst enemy with pacing so the 80/20 is very important.

Enjoy the (rare) night off :slight_smile:


Probs best to aqueeze a race in on the 10th July, somewhere just above the M4.


I very often do 20km before work on a Wed morning. It’s amazing how quickly it feels normal and does free up the weekend a bit.


Jeff that looks like a really solid week to me. Your spacing of the long run and long bike several days apart looks like a sensible frame to hang the rest of the week on

And I know just the ticket for that Thursday night Zwift at, ooh, shall we say 7.15? :wink:


If you can fit a couple of strength and conditioning sessions in there per week to work on your legs/quads I think that is the most beneficial thing to do. If you can keep running the downs throughout the race then it will pay off hugely

Blown quads on those downhills are a nightmare


Yes, I had thought about that even before you mentioned it about the race. I am going to try and find time to do it, if I’m organised I can do it when I swim without it taking too much time.