The over 50's

Charlie already has it diarised to send you a telegram.


Letter from reassure.

Everything in order “we will pay out your policy 2-3 days after your 55st birthday”

Not the easiest company to deal with … but got there in the end.

It’s only a couple of grand, giving it to my Doris, it was ppi/ pension thingy.



You’re spoiling Doris. You don’t have a local baker called Ted do you? :smile:


Useful to know about reassure as I’ve got a pocket money pension with them, might get me an Ironman entry :joy:


I honestly thought it was a scam when they started mailing me 2-3 years ago

I sold that flat in London decades ago?!
Nice little windfall I guess, just hope the prison service send a similar letter before Jan.


So Couzens says

Setting yourself up for a strong back-half with the “50 at 50 goals”…

  • VO2max >50 ml/kg/min
  • Resting heart rate: <50 bpm
  • Heart Rate Variability (rMSSD): >50 ms

At age 50.

Who’s with me?

I’m not sure I really want to agree with him, what’s the easiest one to change in a few weeks?


If you pack in a load of weight you might be able to move the needle far enough on the VO2 max

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hmm, roughly 15kg in 24 days, not sure… maybe a fitness drop too?

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Fitbit says my heart rate variability is typically in the 20s, highest I could see glancing at the past month was 35 which appears to be a one off.

I’ve no idea why it might be considered important… Or more accurately, I will have read about it when the feature was introduced, decided it wasn’t worth bothering with and then forgotten about it


I do think this is one where like often he’s just talking out his arse, Maryka’s is pretty much always in the 80’s/90’s. but the literature does mostly suggest it’s about personal patterns, not absolute numbers, so he’s just picked it out his arse to be round numbers!


I just skimmed two HRV articles, both might as well have been written in Greek


My Garmin HRV tends to be 30-40, but was higher just before Nice so either training stress\load or illness, it has dropped back now, but not sure if that figure is the rMSSD or some figure they generate. When I used to use a proper HRV tool and chest strap it broke it down as there’s a few values and there’s a couple which are the best markers.

As for the others, Vo2 is probably still over 50, and RHR isn’t likely to get there for a while without a medical emergency!

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Be careful that optical hrm 's arent great at working out HRV. I was measuring mine daily with a chest strap and HRV4training but it didnt help much, it told me i was ill or tired but i could work that out from those awesome metrics like feeling ill or tired :rofl: my rMSSD varied between low 40s and high 70s mainly. HRV was 7.1 - 8.1ish

Not saying it isnt useful , just my limited use wasnt.

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Maryka’s got about 5 years, with multiple different apps (she was working with it until covid ended it) pretty much concludes zero useful data, but still every morning with the chest strap…


Judging by that ( and no other metrics ) I’m doing good.

VO2 max 52
Resting HR usually 45 ish
HRV around 60.

This has to be floored as I don’t feel like I’m “Smashing it” at all :joy:


I’ve found HRV to be not much use at all and I can usually tell if it’s up or down before I even take a reading. After Hard training day, after easy training day, after no training day, pub the night before, all fairly predictable.

I’m sure it works for some, but in the times of fitting in training around life, work, kids, I don’t have the luxury to take a reading a decide if I’ll train today or tomorrow instead.

Wonder what the expert coaches on hear think about it?


Approaching50 I had similar thoughts about what numbers would be good to hit, and ideally maintain through the decade.

Resting HR <50 and HRV<50 were not among them though. Even a dead person ticks those two… also my understanding is that RHR is maybe influenced by lifetime exercise history more than current fitness.

VO2MAX>50 is a nice one. Equates to roughly a 20 minute 5km or 75% park run AG score thing. But after 50 years on the planet people might have picked up all sorts of reasons why they can’t hit that number even if they want to. Bit ableist. So waving it there on twitter… not sure.

Edit- would also probably want some strength goals, no idea what though


Consistency :+1:


Couzens reckons " For those without access to #VO2max testing, assuming average running economy, that’s ~sub 23 min 5K fitness."

So quite a lot easier, if you believe Couzens - personally I don’t think “average running economy” is a meaningful thing to talk about, because the spread is so high.

Absolutely agree with the waving it on twitter, but then couzens is not the brightest tool in the box…

I’d likely fail any strength goals, although Maryka cancelled her gym and is putting more and more gym equipment in the conservatory so I don’t have much of an excuse other than I hate it.


That’s plenty enough excuse in my book! :joy: