The over 50's

It’s funny how our perception of age shifts as we get older.

The bursar at my old college was a former athletics blue and despite seeming really old to us, he used to turn out for the college cross country team in the inter-college league and always place quite high and he could be seen most mornings running with the university boxing team, with them struggling to keep up with him.

We all thought it was remarkable how quick he was for someone so old.

I looked him up a while ago and he was born in 1939, so when I first met him at college in 1991 he was the same age as I am now :flushed:

I guess someone in their 50s is ancient when you’re in your teens/twenties :man_shrugging:. I think it was probably less common in those days for people of our age to still be actively participating in sport.

Having said that, to our 20-something neighbours in the shared houses, we’re probably the old folks in the house at the end :roll_eyes::rofl:


When I visit my parents and go to events, I see many of the same faces from 20 years ago, they are a little slower than they were, but they are still up at the front. There doesn’t seem to be the same number of younger runners coming through, one or to fast young guys, but not that many.


Yes, at a lot of our local events M50 makes up a lot of the front of the field.


Sigh, I may or may not have had another birthday very recently and this is a late present from the NHS :grimacing:

I’ll be posting on the existential thread later at this rate :confused::joy:

Still, better safe than sorry :+1:


“We look up with a small telescope”



I’m dreading the prostrate test :grimacing::joy:

I should point out I haven’t been offered that yet! Although the headlines today suggest a more accurate saliva test is looking good.


They have to go a long way up to get some saliva though


An invitation to shit in a box?

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Yeah, don’t know why they wasted more money on postage instead of just sending it with the poo box :joy:

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A friend of mine got called in for an endoscopy after his sample when the screening first started.

He overheard the technician afterwards saying … “another negative, we’ve set the bar too low”.

I don’t believe it was an enjoyable experience but, as I told him, his suffering meant that I didn’t have to :grin:


I had a colonoscopy in Feb 2022 after a dodgy “shit on a stick” test. Lovely experience….:wink:

But that also means I have to have one every 3 years and no longer do the stick test. Looking forward to the next one greatly…


A guy I used tonwork said he was having an endoscopy, one at each end. I told him to make sure they do the mouth end first :rofl::nauseated_face:


I definitely have more thoughts about my own mortality now.


I’ve definitely reached the stage where I’m less bothered about owning things and prefer doing things. Increasingly endurance sport isn’t one! Although I do still want to do one last Ironman :joy:

Not bothered about a flash car or big house.

Age is also creeping up, the skin is definitely not as elastic around the face and neck, but that’s probably not helped by the sun and being outside quite a lot.


I agree on the big house PITA.
I’d like a nice car next year but hey ho.
Still enjoy racing but the clock reflects our age I guess.

After watching the age group world champs video this weekend quite motivated for Birmingham in October.

Yes one last bigger tri appeals, sometimes.