The post event positivity thread

Don’t really listen to R1 much, as it’s often R&B which I hate. But Camel Phat stuff okay. Daughter likes Billy Eilish obvs. Quite like Royal Blood in recent years.

Then try: Death From Above 1979.
You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine is their best album, IMO.
You’ve probably heard Wolfmother, right?
Then it’s QOTSA and Eagle of Death Metal.

Sidebend from Royal Blood might be someone like Slaves? Sort of punk, but a bit more polished.

I also like The Weeknd.
His new album is great.

I’m alive with a job, lots of carbon and a flash car.
I realise how lucky I am.

The end.


I started preparing a wall for pointing today

The sun came out and it was strangely satisfying. After that a run with my son. Good day.


I’m going to try to teach my daughter some basic Welsh. She can then test it out on her cousins (back in Wales) over Skype.

I’ve always thought about teaching her, but I think my own insecurities have held me back i.e. I’m not confident enough in my Welsh now, having been away from it for years and years.

I’ve also always wanted to learn Spanish. ‘started’ (if you can even call it that) a couple of times. Maybe time to do it properly?

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Download Duolingo. It’s a great little app to get started learning a language.


yep, I’ve been using it for Spanish… really getting on well with it.

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I’m not fluent at all but I get by ok in Korean. When I’m travelling with Mrs FP, it freaks 'em out on Asiana Airlines when I speak Korean to them.

It’s a very positive thing to learn a 2nd language.


Might learn a bit of bear wrestling :joy:

That needs more than some pointing :wink::rofl:


Yeah I’m interested to see how that goes. I tried pointing my garden wall and didn’t go well. Got it done in the end. I have some to do on the corner of the garage and for that I’ve seen sense and bought the Express Cement in a tube. :grin:

I’ve been looking at these for a few years (18 & 19), this year is probably out now but I might pull together the places I like the look of for the future :slight_smile:

Although I’m keen to get to a few of the European capitals first before they are totally ruined, I went to Bucharest in 2006 before, capitalism had definitely started but some of it’s recent history hadn’t been forgotten.

Also like to see a lot of the US States if I got chance.

I’m almost 48, I’ve done OK in past few years, and my daughter is finishing school in 2 years time. I am now considering whether I want a total change in direction. However, I am not sure what I would like to do

Whatever I decide to do, Triathlon has played an essential role: For me competing in triathlon has really helped me to change my priorities and my focus.

I think that this is my mid life crisis phase 2


I love my wife even more than I thought
She is a miracle
She is a teacher; teaching her students online as well as home schooling our three boys (all feral and under 9)
She has the patience of a saint
I am hiding in the bedroom, pretending to WHF


I have gone a morning without murdering anyone. That is a positive.


My wife and I have been thinking for a few years about setting up a business and working together. I’m now wfh for the foreseeable future, and she is at home, getting 80% of her salary paid as the sandwich bar she works in has closed.

There’s never been a better time for us to get our thoughts together, do some planning, and start putting things in place to have a different life once we come back from the Winchester and this has all blown over.


I’ve walked the dog in splendid isolation and warm sunshine, had a really nice cup of colombian coffee and made some lovely scrambled egg on toast with fresh pepper chopped into it for an early lunch, sat in the conservatory with the dog asleep on my knee

This social distancing thing is working out just great so far. :smile:


I love this. Best of luck. And its nice to see something so crappy throwing out opportunities and ideas for life to be better

As for how do I want to come out of this from a tri point of view… I’ve kept my training plan in place, training for IM Copenhagen, with 99% confidence that it will not happen. On the day I’ll do a 1hr home gym session, then Zwift, then treadmill. I want to use my time to build fitness consistently. It helps me mentally, emotionally and physically to have something to aim for.

It’ll also help performance-wise, with that deeply embedded fitness carrying over into next year.