The Sub 5 70.3 Thread

Well. Let’s have it then. :cowboy_hat_face:


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What are we talking?

25 min + 2.45 + 1.45


Job’s a good ‘un. And it was about 15 x hotter than @Jorgan s Frankfurt and that hot Outlaw that everyone bangs on about.

Do I win £5? :rofl:


So I was browsing Coachcox when I saw Jeff’s post.

These are the first 3 under 5hrs in M45-49 in 2019

Swim Bike Run
Staffs 70.3 Median 5h57m 33m 2h 37m 1h 37m
33m 2h 36m 1h 41m
36m 2h 36m 1h 38m
Barca 70.3 Median 33m 2h 52m 1h 28m
30m 2h 42m 1h 38m
30m 2h 40m 1h 40m
Kraichgau 70.3 Median 5h 53m 34m 2h 29m 1h 41m
29m 2h 41m 1h 29m
36m 2h 34m 1h 44m

Personally, well we all know I’m shit at running so it’s all fantasy for now.

I already did 2h40 for 90km at IM Barcelona with two hard stops faffing, and I fancy my swim so I’m thinking 30m + 2h30m then I have a mountain to climb or an Uber to call for a 1h50m run. Then it’s down to transitions to squeeze in at 4h59m59s :unicorn:


Did you get lost on the swim?

Rofl, not for me.

I’m going to start training for 35 / 2.35 / 1.40 with 10 mins for transition/slippage


Ah yes, Staffordshire: twinned with Riyadh.


Staffs is also quite rolling (bike and run) with an awful surface, so it’s a slow course.

Your best off doing one of them small middle distance with a 85km bike and 20km run.

Went sub-5 on my first attempt. Then again a week later, as I liked it so much :laughing::roll_eyes: (Bala and beaulieu c2008)

27/2:40/1:45 (current assisted river swim, flat bike, off road run)
43/2:35:1:35 (lake swim, 82km bike hilly, 20km pit and back run with a small hill at the turn)

I then went sub-2:30 n my first Oly a fortnight after that.(Chester deva, still got the buff)

that’d be roughly my plan too….

2018 Rapperswil 37, 2:35, 1:42 (5:00)
2019 St Polten: 37, 2:30, 1,31 (4:45)
2019 Elsinore 33. 2:16, 1:31 (4:28)

Elsinore is a very fast course, St Polten was a fantastic race (Now Challenge St Polten)

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waits for someone with a sub 5 at Wimbleball

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(5 attempts, didn’t get within 15 minutes on any of them)

Yeah, not quite for me

Currently thinking about Challenge Salou on 3 April… looks like a super fast course

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I only have one HIM that’s over 5h, that was the Immortal Half in 2015. But that had a 14 mi run, and a very long uphill run to T1.

Difficult to identify a PB, as a lot of the courses are a bit inaccurate. Best of 3 goes at St Polten was 4:39, and a 4:20 at 113 on the old 85km bike course.


All other things being equal, anyone have an idea of the difference in wattage between 2h40 and 2h30? If that’s 34->36kph, I don’t think the air resistance goes exponential yet iirc.

Probably a few too many variables there - road surface, wind, aero, weight, course profile etc

You forgot paceline/sling shot/drafting too …and the power of the crowd.

But ‘in a vacuum’ it will be a significant chunk of watts at that speed.