The Sub 5 70.3 Thread

Not overly scientific, but using Outlaw course with a reasonably aero setting - and not changing power for ups/downs; windsock suggests on my profile;
210watts = 2:31 (36.2kmph)
180watts = 2:41 (33.96kmph)

Highly personal that though I rode a 2:21 off of 276np last year

2:28 at Staffs was 288np

ETA. Also hated that Staffs run. Hill up to the castle is shit!


Yeah, seeing as my ankle is FUBARd, I am thinking of deferring (if it’s allowed?)

Then coming down to Lake 32 for a jog round / non-smackdown.

@joex - There’s a huge difference in RPE from 2:30 to 2:25, from courses I’ve rode in the past and my dodgy memory. 2:35 is “comfortable” but 2:25 is “pushing the limit” for me.

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You’ll be missing out on the aquabike championships that I’ll be competing in alone if my knee doesn’t sort itself out either.

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The Staffs run is like being on a travelator compared to that evil bastard down in Exmoor.

I love 70.3 distance. Short enough to race hard, long enough to reward hard work in training and test things like pacing and nutrition.


Agreed, It’s definitely my favourite distance


100% agreed.
Quite possible to race them on back to back weekends if your shoes don’t give you blisters

(Got 3rd in my AG at the British Champs here, so it was worth it :joy:)


WTF is going on with your second toe on your left paw, it’s enormous :joy:

Mine is longer than my big toe but not like that :joy:


We’ve had this discussion elsewhere, yes, both second toes are about 1cm longer than my big toe.

It’s called “Grecian Toe” as most of the Greek statues display the same toe.

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Understandable, but all this could be on TrotterTalk.

Power numbers! CdA! “Key Sessions”! That’s what we’re here for…maybe. :sweat_smile:


Power numbers? It’s just a number :man_shrugging:t4:
I had plenty of sub-5 before I had power.

CdA? Certain death Ahead?
Or, get on your TT bike, get down in the bars and stay there.

Key Sessions?
Do some swimming; do some slow, so fast and some in between.
Do some cycling; do some hills, some fast and short, the rest long and slow.
Do some running; see cycling.

You think too much.
Train more, think less


BBS is suggesting that I can ride 2.30 at Cotswold Classic on 215w which for me is a very manageable output.

194W should be 2.36

Either way, if I can get anywhere near to that time then sub 5 is possible.


It’s a sign of in-breeding :joy:


and to add to that, I rode a 2:34 off 167W, by being very light, and very aero!


That’s around the numbers I had in mind 210-220W, as it happens. I think I’d be good for 205W based on the past need to work on adding about 10W.

IM Barca
1st 45km 1h26, avg185W, hr150, IF0.77, 30.8kph
2nd 45km 1h14, avg173W, hr145, IF0.69 36.3kph

So that’s 2h40 at avg 179W

I must be like a brick In the wind


Well the course matters and we’re all using different power meters.

Running too, a lumpy route and/or 25ºC+ in the sun wouldn’t be my wheelhouse.

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He’s from a small town, they need to find something to do!

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(before i got lost)

222NP (218 AP) for 37.1 kph for me on the Cots course last year. Road bike, tri bars. First lap was a bit annoying with trying to avoid drafting and drafters etc.

Works out about 2.25 ish