The Time Trial Thread

No, quick and dirty changeover. Swap the outer ring, remove front mech, add chain catcher. I’m no front packer btw…

Sorry! I thought you were :see_no_evil:
My bad!

So…what’s the reasoning behind removing the inner ring and front mech? If you are leaving the shifter and cable dangling there?
Just to get the larger front ring on?

I leave the little ring on. Have to remove the front mech as it can’t slide up high enough to act as a chain catcher for my Oval 58 tooth, everything else stays. Top end chaps would remove everything for aero benefit but I CBA’d as I have to covert the bike between TT mode and hilly Triathlon mode and don’t want too much work!


Anyone else entered the National 100, my tri on Monday was on the south part of the course, I’ve entered this week, subject to confirmation.

Also entered a 10 a week on Sunday, should be a fast course, but I’m probably doing a long hilly sportive the day before so can’t see it being very nice.


Not me. Is it up in Yorkshire? What’s the course like?

Yes, the road runs alongside the A1, pretty much from Wetherby to Dishforth, generally very quiet with a few roundabouts, but the surface is coarse tarmac so not really quick, not many potholes though.

Got a few drags as well but nothing you’d really call a hill.

If the fast lads turn up, I suspect there might be a 3:30-3:35 if the weather is good.


Pleased with solid PB’s (vs 2017) over the longer distances - particular the 100 at the weekend. Nice confidence boost ahead of Roth. I’ve been able to nudge FTP to around the 315w mark this season, targeting 90% for the 50, 80% for 100 / 70.3, 70% for IM.

That said… 4x round the camber circuit was plenty! Glad I’ve got a clash for the 12hr in September!

I’ve been lucky with conditions for all of these. They built a wind farm down there for good reason! Slightly disappointed with my 22 on the A21 (gift hill start!) as I recorded short 21’s at club events last year off marginally less power. Was an incredibly still morning… but that didn’t seem to slow the big boys, who all went off a bit later. Will probably have another crack at chasing 20.xx over the summer

Krispy 01/01/2019 S&DW Open Q10/19 22:47 20:11
Krispy 14/04/2019 KCA Open Q25/8 58:54 51:01
Krispy 12/05/2019 Sydnem Whs Open Q10/19 22:02 18:30
Krispy 02/06/2019 KCA Open Q50/11 1:57:04 1:47:05
Krispy 09/06/2019 KCA Open Q100 4:03:54 3:38:14
Poet 04/05/2019 M&DTTA Open 25 J4/8 1:00:42 ??:??
Poet 30/04/2019 A45RC 10 NX12/10 25:15 23:25
PhilleusPhogg 30/04/19 Epsom CC 10 G10/42 23:42 23:12
PhilleusPhogg 25/05/19 Epsom CC 10 H10/8 22:40 21:12
Wheezy 06/04/19 KPRC Open 10 G10/42 24:58 21:27
La Marquise 23/4/19 Crowfield IDCA 10 33:30
TRO Saracen 16/5/19 Open B10/3b 10 22:48 20:47
MW22 23/05/2019 VCLE AS21/C 25:06 23:44

Good work Krispy and that’s a good time on Q/100 - not a super quick course by any stretch.

I’ve had shit weather all year for TTs. On E2/10 tomorrow, strong SW wind forecast, not good for that course.

Biggie on 23 June, E2/100. Closed on 4hr 7mins, got Marcin starting 31 mins back. He should go close to comp record, I’ll need 3:50 ish to hold him off…a big PB.

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I bailed on the 10 at the weekend, was a bit disappointed but I had an appalling nights sleep and wasn’t really with so didn’t fancy cycling on a DC, and just did the 10k instead.

I have got a confirmation for the national 100 in a few weeks though.


22:20 on E2/10 last night. Rained all day, rained most of the drive down but miraculously stopped before the event; cold and blowing a hoolie mind.

Ground out against a block headwind, turned at 13 mins, enjoyable 31.5mph rumble back. Overall slow and disappointing power, head not really in the game to suffer.

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Although you’ve evidently been unlucky with the weather again at least you got a ride :slight_smile: Our club 10 on Tuewas cancelled last minute after a large downpour so a wasted 45 min drive each way, frustratingly our other evening 10 course about 5 miles away hosted a different club’s event and was bone dry.

Only done one 10 so far this year, and that wasn’t great, doing a 30 on the B30/1B next Thursday, absolutely no idea how that will go!

5 posts after you dropped Steve Cummings in :joy::joy:

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The irony :wink:
National Team Time Trial on that course today, no big names riding - just TTing legends.

I managed to do the National 100 today as some of you have seen on Strava. Conditions were good but the course isn’t very fast, on the 50 version I’ve seen good riders be 10+ minutes off their good 50 times.

Managed to get round in 4:26:48 which although not that quick only about 16 people broke 4 hours, although there was only 62 finishers. AP was 235W. I thought I’d gone a bit hard at the start but was generally feeling alright, the last 10k was tough though, we were heading into a northerly and on an uphill drag on the red brick mountain! Think I was about 44th, but there was about 12 DNF’s and a DQ for getting the course wrong, I’d already gone past about 6 of them as most started in front of me.

Marcin won with a long 3:24, second was about 8 minutes after, so to be only 61:xx behind a part-time pro with plenty of time in the tunnel wasn’t too bad. Also had a couple of aero gains still to make, and my skinsuit was castrating me for most of the first 40 miles so I was constantly fidgeting to stop it rubbing.

Was battered after so skipped the brick run, but did manage 4k later on the dreadmill.

Given other people’s times, none of the ladies got under 4 hours, although I gather Anna Turvey would have done but she had a mechanical and started later but I think her official time is from when she was supposed to go, not sure how they deal with that, especially at a national champs race.

Won’t be going that hard in Hamburg but I reckon the roads there will be worth at least 1mph.



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That is some fine work. I hate 100s.
DNFd my first, 4:24 on my second with multiple stops and 4:26 on my third and final one with multiple stops.

Fair play for sticking with it :+1:t3::ok_hand:t4:

Great work Jeffb.

Least Marcin stayed on course this week…

Yes, I saw he’d been DQ’d the other week. Apparently he’s doing another 100 next weekend on a decent course, can’t remember which one and is chasing the comp record!

Apparently Anna Turvey did a 3:57 today and would have won but a start-line mechanical meant her missing her normal start and adding about 30 minutes to her time, I wondered why she was so far down. Not sure what it was though.

Bit of a shame, and in a standard race they might have let her time stand but in a champs race I suspect the rules state missing your start means your start time is still your start time, and it might have lead to appeals from the others.


No, even in a normal race they would not, Rules are rules.

30 minutes is an interesting delay for a start line mechanical though, it suggests the mechanical took 30 minutes to fix - if you report late to the time-keeper, your penalty is the time between when you should have gone, and when you report to the time keeper as able to go - ie if you’re 1 minute late, but they can’t then fit you in until an hour later, your penalty is still just 1 minute.

It’s always a good idea to know if the spots after you are filled in races, then you know that you can report late after just a few minutes lost, knowing that because they’re occupied you cannot start late while they are - so you can spend that time fixing the bike. Doesn’t work of course if they’re empty as the timekeeper will just say “off you go…”.

Well I’ve not done a single TT this year and likely won’t due to the trail running efforts but there some might fine efforts on here. Well done to all :+1: