The Triathlete who came in from the cold

So it’s time I did something. Not going to set some crazy goal, just a simple Oly distance. Not aiming for any kind of time, just finish.

I haven’t done a triathlon in 3.5 years I haven’t swam for over 18 months, and I haven’t ran or cycled since June last year.

I’m basically an alcoholic and weigh as much as a small elephant.

My blood pressure is not good. Think its going to be a lot of Z1/2 endurance work.

Wish me luck. Also does anyone know what the weight limit on a P3 is


Well done

Some of that is quite personal.

Day by day step by step.

I like the elephant jibe, weight limit is 1 kg above what ever you are on the day.

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Excellent, colours nailed to the mast!!

Which olympic have you chosen?

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alcohol always worked for me…i was p1ssed when i did my first race…

Good luck!

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It’s one near me at Box End in Bedford. 5th September. Nice swim in the ski lake, pretty flat cycle and run and 20 mins from home


Sounds perfect! And hopefully a decent summer for training.

Zone 2 has been a revelation for me. Clearly historically I ve gone in for “straight to threshold”

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You got this #smashed it #IMJ :+1: :joy:


My wife’s folks live in Sandy. We’ll be visiting in May & I’d been hoping to find an OW swim spot while in the area.

Cheers for that.

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Yeah its the other side of Bedford to Sandy but probably won’t take long to get there. It does have good facilities but not sure what they are doing now due to covid. Usually there are lockers and hot showers.

They have 2 lakes. Both quite shallow so they warm up quick but a decent rainfall will bring the temp right down. They do publish the temp buy its a long standing joke that the temp is taken from a puddle and not the lake.

The cable lake is about 750-800m for a loop, the boating lake a little longer.


My weekend is sorted then, long run around the RSPB one day, OW the next :grin:.


Good luck @GRamsay.

First few weeks will be abysmal, but you’ll get back in the swings of things!


I know its teaching grandma to suck eggs, but remember to ease yourself back in steadily… weeks of consistent manageable and sensible effort beats days of hard efforts followed by a month of waiting for an injury to heal!


Thanks. I do need reminding of that as its my usual style to dive back in full tilt.

Crikey think I’m doing that race…

Good luck, enjoy/suffer etc.

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Steady away!

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Not sure if that’s a genuine question but as someone who’s been well over 100kg myself, it is a consideration. I’ve generally found that the wheels are the weakest link, often well under 100kg quoted. I’ve got a set of Mavic Ksyrium that have been bomb proof.

I was half serious, half joking. My wheels are enve ses and I understand they are one of the few wheels that don’t have a weight limit. The biggest problem I’ve had in the past is the seat post. I’ve used carbon paste and torqued slightly over the max and it still slips.

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I had that when I had a carbon frame too. It was OK on smooth roads but a series of bumps would judder it down.
I’ve heard of people using a thin shim or tape to make the post a little bigger and even a last resort of a wooden dowel inside the full length of the seat tube and seat post.


Go for it, 100% good idea

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What worries me is the frame below. My mate had a Cevelo S5 and the seat post clamp failed and the post dropped and cracked the wheel arch.