Things that show you’ve been doing tri for too long!

A copy of 220 to be found whenever you sort the junk room/garage

Yes, Peter Reid, Lori Bowden, Fariss Al-Sutan.

Seen it a few times but I can’t remember how. Don’t remember buying the dvd!

PR comes across as a laugh riot!

Also a selection of US Triathlete magazines, oddly I only seemed to keep one from each year, despite having it sent from the US on a pricey subscription.

I also have a complete run of another US magazine called Inside Triathlon, they were so pricey I cant part with them.

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Inside Triathlon was good. Only ever got that on my occasional visits to Ramstein AFB.

It was really nicely made, I am a sucker for high quality paper and photographs.

But these days i tend to just use the readly app, it cuts my spending on print media by about £40 a month.

Shame really, because its not quite the same experience.

There was an independently published BMX magazine - Oh. My. Days.

The paper was SOOO thick, it had a texture to it and the smell!
You could smell the ink.

I’ve never felt or smelled a magazine quite like it.


Not just me then - excellent

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My PArticular favourite was a Niche mountain bike magazine called Privateer.

Lovely paper, great photography.

Long since dead.

Roleur’s kid brother :+1:t3:

BMX one was The Albion.
Just tried to find a copy, but must’ve binned them.

If you can get a copy of the “Crucial Trading” flooring catalogue, then it’s the same paper, smell and texture.

But flooring isn’t as cool as some radical tricks, is it?

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No Idea, we are in the middle of a three month wait for some carpet to be made. The gentle kiss of chipboard on the toes when you first get up in the morning is lovely.


i’m working on it…


Still got it…



Dave Scott signature Centurion…



That is very very lovely indeed!

Everything except the beam bike (did have a Slingshot with 650c Trispokes though)!

Was going to mention pyro platforms and power cranks, but the list was getting a bit long.

Never fell for the pose running method bllcks though.

Never heard of Pyroplatforms so had to look them up. Still for sale…

When you have this on your bookshelf


With bonus trotters