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I want to say how much I enjoy this forum. I dabble in a few and most are not great places to be. But in here there are a lot of really good people, who can have a debate and differ in opinion but it’s all maturely done and collegiate. When people need help or advice there are plenty of experienced people there to offer help and advice.

I’ve never met anyone on here in person, I really hope to soon though. There are some interesting characters and people who have genuine compassion for the others in the group,and many who have provided me with support, knowledge, inspiration, and comic relief.

Yes I’ve had a few wines but this is a genuine thanks to you all. Keep doing you.


I agree. It is the most polite forum I’ve come across. I think the average IQ is fairly high but I think it’s an ethos from top to bottom, so thanks to hammerer, jorgan, poet etc. I must say it was a very welcoming forum so thank you.


Is that single malts I smell?


Great site over the years.

Very friendly, it’s quite strange going from here to a boxing site … we’re someone threatened to kidnap my family as I suggested Terrance Crawford beats Duran at 147…!

Long may she reign !!


Glad to be of service, holding the lower quartile down! :joy:


It is a good site. I was the one that declared the old site was dying, and to be honest, I think it was but it’s had a triple bypass and a facelift and now it lives again. I put this down to three or four things.

The realisation that the site was dying.

A lot of the old hubris has gone ( for the most part).

The diversity is better. People are into all sorts of endurance stuff now.

The off topic, DIY, cars, films, gives us a talking point. Without this, during lockdown, we would have been history.

The money that folks donated.this is the only site I have ever paid to keep going. I’ve done it on Transitions but always got a cap or top or something in return ( not complaint here).


This place is like a throwback to the good old days of fora before the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc took over. I joined the old TT forum in it’s very early days, but I was already pretty active in the Runnersworld forum and that kept my attention for many years before the whole place started falling apart and their latest forum iteration became a dog’s dinner of a design and many left - I haven’t been on there for a good few years now.

So I came back to TT to natter with people with similar interests - triathlon durr! It’s a joy being here so thank you guys - for being here, being good souls, and providing some fun.



I have been on here for 7-8 years now and love the forum but I did have a break until recently because of what was being posted.

When I looked at almost every thread almost every response was just ‘me me me’ and the breaking point for me was when a guy posted about having a really bad accident on his bike and there was half a page of responses of people talking about their bikes, crashes, their kit choices and not 1 single person asking how he was.
I commented at the time and then didn’t post for a while because every time I logged in was just dick swinging everywhere.

There is still an element of that but it has changed for the better again, which is why I’m back (sorry but I have to be honest). I also know 3 people who I have invited to the forum who have said they don’t like it for the same reasons above.

Just a thought if we are to continue and be strong as a community.

:swimming_man:t3:‍♂ :biking_man:t3::running_man:t3:‍♂ :slightly_smiling_face:

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Apart from a couple of notable absences, that have made the place better, I’ve not had a feeling that the site in its new guise has been terrible.

I’ve only had one bad experience here and that was being lowballed on something I was selling, whilst unemployed and having already agreed a price. Lesson learned.


I miss Julius :joy::joy::flushed:


Uncomfortably aware of my willy waving on the Ventoux thread :astonished: :joy:


I think there’ll invariably be some of that. But also, sometimes people may just be referring to their own situation. If people didn’t get their choppers out on here I’d never know how I’m stacking up against others, where and how to improve etc. So I guess it’s all about intent - good or ego feeding. I think most is good on here.

Its also nice to how people outside of my usual social circle approach things (not just tri), and has been a good knowledge bank for all sorts.

Its also given me something to do all lockdown! :joy: :joy:

I think I joined the old site in 2013 as I was leading in to my first IM.

I’ve met a couple of of you in real life, and come within about 10m of @jeffb! Somehow picked him out from a crowd whilst running the London mara. Weird! :joy:

Sure I’ll meet some more in real life at one point or another.

Thumbs up from me.


I really enjoy this forum. I hadn’t really thought about it until @FatPom mentioned it above, but there is a lot more diverse threads and topics and that helps to see people a bit more ‘in the round’; that endurance sport and triathlon is part of who we are and not solely everything that makes us unique. The new site has definitely breathed new life into it and is the main reason why I am the proud holder of the aficionado badge! It’s good to see some new usernames cropping up and I hope that continues.


I didn’t think it was that impressive :smiley:

(just kidding, it was a monster day out and am glad you posted it)


As a newer person I have to say when I first started getting into triathlon 5 years ago I read the old TT forum and the one on runners world with interest. But the one on RW appeared much friendlier, less intense. TT was almost a UK slowtwitch; just my observation from long ago. But I was always going thru the race reports, especially the first IM reports by people. And I gradually came to love the banter especially since the switch to 2.0, long before I first posted. One more observation: the UI is fantastic, but the easy integration of emoticons is a game changer. So much online interaction can be misinterpreted, but a smiley face stops that dead. Wish I wasn’t so bloody useless at picking the right ones :kissing_smiling_eyes::roll_eyes:

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The only thing I don’t like about the new UI is when you haven’t visited a thread for ages, you can’t easily jump to the last post. You have to start where you left off, which is a pain.

Or am I doing something wrong?

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If I click the thread title, it drops me to the last post I read in that thread.

‘Click’ :sweat_smile: Like Ive used a mouse in the last three years


Yeah it does that for me as well but somethings I like to jump straight to the latest post, which seems common enough on a lot of forums.

Mobile friendly was a game changer. We avoided a ‘Blockbuster moment’ tbh.

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