Thought experiment- stable destroyed by fire

Just daydreaming a little. Imagine all your bikes and bike hardware got destroyed in a bike house fire, leaving you with nothing, not even a shopper or a 20 year old Tacx fan trainer.

Your insurance came good with a cheque for £10,000 which you had to spend on bikes.

How would you spend it- essentially starting from scratch- what would you get and why?

I’m not sure & would be interested to hear what others think

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  1. first bike would be a £500-£800 single speed fixie with Topeak rack and Ortlieb panniers I can do most rides around here on a 48 * 17 and commute (!) on it. Plus, they don’t break and don’t get nicked.
  2. second purchase would be a £500-£800 second hand time trial bike. Then another £400 on a decent ish wheel set. For the three races I did/might do per year, seems daft spending more.
  3. Indoor training set up. Direct drive something or other. Let’s say £1k?
  4. A really nice winter road bike. Titanium frame, with clearance for some silly tyres (say 35-42mm?) Ultegra Di2 because let’s be honest, I’d rarely be going off road on it, but might want to.
    Get some nice 35mm carbon hoops for it, probably looking at £5k here?
  5. with £2k left for a summer bike, I’d be looking for a barely used model or a return.
    Giant Propel Advanced or
    Giant TCR SL.

I have my bikes spread between the loft in the house, garage which is a separate building and erm, the server room at work :joy:

So it would need to be a big fire :flushed:

I’d genuinely struggle with only £10k, not wanting to sound like a bike twat but I’ve built up a lot over the years.

I’d probably start with a road bike and Wattbike and see what’s left for a tri bike, or forego the TT for now.


Yeah Im haggling with the insurance company so I can get a new speedmax + still have some change left over :rofl:

In seriousness - I think my bike would be like for like… its all the bits that can add up. Bike computers, power meters…I hope Poet doesnt keep his bike wardrobe in the garage!!!


I have my own built in wardrobe just for kit :rofl::see_no_evil:
Left side kit, right side clothes.
My wife has the dressing room full of her stuff.

I was thinking of making a wardrobe in the basement for my kit, then I’d get some clothes room back

None of my bikes are particularly expensive but I’d genuinely replace them with pretty much exactly what I already have. I’ve collected them over many years based on more emotional or quirky reasons rather than being the best performing options so nothing has really changed in that regard. I’d probably have a fair bit of change from £10k, assuming I could find replacements at a decent price.

TT Bike - 2003 Litespeed Blade (the only year with external cable routing)
Road Bike - Van Nicholas Euros
Commuter - Brompton S3L
MTB 1 - Dialled Bikes Kobe Tai (Titanium Hardtail)
MTB 2 - Whyte PRST1 (Weird full susser with funny front end)

The main difference would be the opportunity to upgrade groupsets and from 10 to 11 speed as they’ve all been built up on a budget and run pretty low end stuff at the moment. Possibly electronic shifting, although I’m not completely sold on that but it might be nice on TT bike in particular.


It’s a good question. Immediate reactions are a blank slate like that would give me the opportunity to go down the route of pedal based power, and probably disc, just because that’s where everything is going.

But in both cases, without such a blank slate, I just can’t justify not sticking with the portfolio I have (multiple crank PMs built up over time, and all rim brake bikes). To the extent that I spent a lot on a new rim brake bike this year, but I now have no intention to buy anything else for years and years. At that stage, UEL wise, I might have reached the point where most things are on their last legs and I can “justify” (even if the wallet would scream in pain) a wholesale refresh


25% downpayment on the latest mid-level Specialized road bike. :rofl:

A serious answer requires more thought.

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i would have left them at a mates before i struck the match… :wink:


Have you lost all your clothes or do you have to spend wisely on those as well?

I’d get a giant defy advanced or cannondale synapse at about £3k, not bother with a tt bike, some clip on aero bars and a decent carbon 2nd wheelset handmade for £1k.

Secondly I’d try out the new fangled gym bikes eg the Tacx and wahoo bikes. Oh and the new watt bike atom too. Failing that get a cheap eBay road bike and whack it on a direct drive trainer, eg neo 2T. Total £2-3k.

Plenty left over for bike gear and accessories. Got to have some decent tools, lights and a track pump, plus those conti GP5000s ain’t cheap.

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Here’s what I’m thinking at the moment - thoughts may changed based on what others say.

First up, I’d want exactly 5 bikes:

  1. Fixie/town bike
  2. Gravel bike
  3. Bike to live on the turbo
  4. Road bike
  5. Tri bike

Id spend the first £2K on a proper bike fit (never had one), a direct drive turbo, one pair of power pedals, and the fixie. The fixie I’d get 2nd hand from LBS

The gravel bike, I’m thinking carbon and 29 with 1X and will see what I can get for £1750. This is the most fun of all the bikes and fun is worth ££ to me.

Then on the turbo, an entry level road bike from an online mass market shop. I don’t mind what it weighs or is made from, but it needs to ride like a real bike. Let’s say £750 budget for this one.

Next consideration: drive train on the 2 road bikes. For ease of understanding and maintenance and interchangeability I want the same setup on each. If money was no object at this point I’d go Di2. But I’m not going to get that on both for the £5.5K I have left, so I’m probably going to aim for Shimano Ultegra.

Road bike: £2K. Carbon frame obviously, and I probably want disc brakes. Think I’d probably see what £2K gets at Ribble. I’m going to enjoy riding this and want something new.

Tri bike: £2.5K for the bike + £1K for race wheels. The bike I’d wait for something 2nd hand in good condition. Maybe a recent model Canyon or Cervelo. Wheels would be Carbon clincher disc rear and deep section front. Again I’m probably looking used on eBay at this price point. Like Poet says this one’s only going to get ridden a few times per year.

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Firstly I’ll need to wait until I can stop hyper ventilating, as my bikes have just increased in value by a factor of 5.

Then I’ll start thinking properly.



GB this is not a thread to share with one’s spouse :grinning:

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Get a good Enigma Ti and a couple of sets of wheels and you could probably use it for road and gravel, possibly even the turbo.

And you’d be in the cool kids gang :sunglasses:


I’ve just posed this with my wife, but with her handbags…they’re worth more than £10k.
Three of them are specified items on the contents :scream::see_no_evil:

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Good luck!!!
I took a look on there today, my 725 Endurance winter bike has gone up £200 in less than two years.

Have a look at the CGR Ti.
Road, gravel, can take massive tyres.
Looks nice too.

But, like Jeff says, those Enigma’s are special.
But you’re not getting one of them for £1750.
At that price point, probably the Sonder Camino Ti (£2.2k)

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That’s a really interesting suggestion -

Pick up one of those and a Canyon Speedmax for £10k and job’s done



Isen All Season with a colour fade :heart_eyes::drooling_face:

So very, very sexy


Something like a Factor or a 3T roadie for summer and a Ti bike for winter.

I’m with GB, 10k is more than 5x the worth of my bikes.


Of course you could combine your road and gravel bikes…You could get a 3T exploro or Hondo hvrt for about £3.2k. Latter takes 650b and 700c wheels. 1 bike to rule them all?

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