Tokyo 2020(1) - with spoilers

Road race first, not sure the Brits have form. Can’t look past the usual suspects though, recon it could be a Belgian gold medal, they have a strong team .

WVA certainly a man on form!


3am start isn’t it (uk time), would like to see the last hour.

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When is the road race, tomorrow early doors?

3 - 10 or earlier if the pace is high apparently

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GT & GH both just crashed. Seem fine but for fooks sake.


They’re back on but agreed. :roll_eyes:

…Now G looking for assistance

Always G

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Watched this from 3…

Strange tactics ?!

What tactics are they?

Seems to be a tad dull. Is there any opportunity for a move in this last 60km (not seen the course) or is a sprint all the way now?

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All the long races are dull, no over 200km race is ever interesting from the start…

There are hills at the end, it is not a bunch sprint.

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Key climb at 40km to go, 7km at 10%


TGH wanted to breakaway at the top of Mount Fuji but no one wanted to go with him. Probably wise.

Looking like it’ll be the usual suspects at the finish

Pogacar doing his thing again

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So Pog is good when it’s cold and wet and when it’s hot and humid?

and on the flat in a TT and going up a mountain

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Is this the one that’ll stay away?

WVA is an absolute animal!