Trail & Ultra Running Thread

It is but the better I get at this the more I realise it’s a very very stretch goal. However, at the time of the race I’ll be 2mths shy of 58yrs old, so safe to say this would be my first and last shot.

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Last post tells you all you need to know

Get on with it


I think you have plenty of time for prep - you can get some consistency in your running and become a strong walker . I just downloaded the gpx so the ascent/descent looks doable . As long as you have the right clothing and layers and mindset - you will be fine . Now I am in my 50’s its all about the finish and not the time - and if I am not last then that’s a bonus .


Very good point made by @p00key

Fast walking uphill should be an important part of every ultra (even Kilian etc)

Ian Sharman a big advocate of it - he reckons a on Western States he would walk 10% of the course - finished top 10 for 10 years

Even out with the family, walking with a weighted backpack/weight vest is good training


Absolutely agree.
I’m even walking up/or down the stairs with x2 5.5kg water canisters at the moment - every little thing helps!! Admittedly my family think I’ve gone crazy.


In :+1:


That’s brilliant news :grin:

I hope so. I don’t even know what it is that appeals about this race but it seems to be my ‘UTMB’.

Need to give my hamstring a proper rest. Next race is Dartmoor in a Day 52km on Sept10th. Overall plan is to get finishes in the NC110 in Oct and Wendover Wooods 50 (WW will be all muddy, hilly all off road AFAIK), that will be my base heading into mid Nov.

Despite my DNF at Plague, I did actually learn how ‘tight’ the tight cut offs are for the Mud Crew events and I made the first two, so gives me an idea of pace.


Just need to sign up @gingerbongo for crew duties. He’s on holiday, so he won’t notice :wink:


Lakeland film has dropped. Bloody hell that’s a tough race by the looks of it.

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I have dnf’d the Lakeland 100 twice quiet a few years ago - the first 50 are pretty tough … keep meaning to give it another go but other races have got in the way .


Pretty tough entry criteria I think as well?

yep . it’s my nemesis. :smiley: .

One of my running mates has done it. He said it was harder than The Dragon’s Back he did.

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stop giving me ideas :wink:

I’m just paying back you getting me to enter Arc :smile:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Spent the night looking at YT stuff. (there’s an alarming amount of info out there, none of it is helping :smile: )

Starting to realise what an undertaking this is, not race wise, that’s a given but the logistics of shoe horning trips to Cornwall for recces with family duties and other races (not to mention costs) will take some serious juggling but will work it out with Mrs FP.


Anyone use Komoot - heading to @Doonhamer ’s neck of the woods for run in the Cwlydians on Saturday and some decent routes on this app recommended ?

Wondering how good this app is at getting you round a course without too much faff

And is the premium worth it which apparently gives turn by turn nav (zap the battery/data?)

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I’m up in that neck of the woods this weekend too.

I’ve been tapping @Doonhamer up for bike routes :rofl: