Trail & Ultra Running Thread

A slow 26:44

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You’re locked behind the ‘following’ firewall Doug (i did request).

Was it on the Sat or the Sun? It was pretty horrific weather in place son the Saturday, so sounds like you were reasonably lucky. Had a few friends guiding the Welsh 3000s, where the windchill was -7 on some of the peaks, with 50+mph winds (so Crib Goch was axed). In June!!! Craziness!

I’ve got a run that’s almost worthy of being on here this week. a 4*3km realy race in Haldon Forest, just outside of Exeter. In reality it’s grromed (family) cycle paths on the whole with one cheeky hill slapped in the middle. Should be a good hit out though!

It was Saturday into Sunday, apart from the brief heavy showers the weather was good

Nice work Doug, that must have been tough.

My preparation for RttK has been woeful and now I’m battling this recurring hip pain. I managed a slow 26km yesterday but hip starts hurting after 20km, it’s manageable but not ideal.

I was hoping for sub 13 but it will just be a case of ‘get it done’ I think (hope!)

Good effort FP - that’s a great race

What Doug said (and well done!) - very windy but mostly tailwind. Thought I was on for sub 24 for a while but slowed to finish with a 25:16 - some of the long ridges towards the end seemed to go on for bloody ever. Better than the heat of last year so not complaining about the weather.

The usual good support from the Centurion Race team once again.

2 months to prepare/faff around for the North Downs Way as leg 3 of potential Centurion Grand Slam.


Great stuff Tunster.

I’m curious as to what you guys prefer to wear on your head in summer races. Buff and Sunnies, hat, bandana and sunnies etc?

I run in a hat and sunnies if it’s a long one, just sunnies if it’s quick but I don’t have much hair and need some cover on to top. On the trails, I find a peaked cap can block my forward view of the trail sometimes. I have all the options but can never really settle on what works best.

Baseball cap for me - didn’t bother with sunnies as there was not much sun forecast!

The only problem I find with the baseball cap if when it comes to night time I have to take it off as cannot wear it with a head torch - better then to have a warm beanie type thing (especially at cooler times of the year when it gets cold at night)

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Sunnies day and night (prescription photochromatics) and a full head of grey hair.

If it is very hot I’ll wear a cap that I can soak (or stuff with ice cubes).

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Just browsing Tri247 and came across this, 2020 looks like a nice leg destroying urban 125km :scream:

Just did an easy 16km. This left side hip pain is a worry, seems to kick in after 20kms. It’s manageable if I keep the pace low, strangely it seems easier when running than walking.:frowning_face:

:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

That sounds awful!!

Yeah that’s not cool fp. Got any physio input yet?

Short sharp trail relay for me last night. 3km legs, cheeky little course as well. Somehow came in third team which was pretty cool. And I had the 9th quickest run out of nearly 300 runners. So pretty chuffed with that (the top 6 or 7 were all blisteringly quick chaps as well). Great little event - I do love relays!

I’m thinking I need to find a race of some sort soon, as I’m actually in a little bit of form. Though life diary is looking like it may make things awkward to get out much next week.

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Good stuff GB. RttS might still be open?

Re the hip, can’t get into physio until Mon. (which will be too late really). Been doing lunges and leg raises as I’m reading that this help. It’s bloody annoying, a few weeks ago I had a blinder of a race at the OMM festival with no issue :frowning:

I did the old London Ultra 50k on the Capital Ring, that this follows, a couple of times as it passed within a mile of my house as it went up Harrow on the Hill. Initially it went from Streatham in South London to Wembley, it later moved a few miles further round the ring to go from Grove Pk to Perivale, Always fancied doing the whole loop sometime. Terrain is a real mix, a fair bit of tarmac, but also grassy bits, trail, towpath and even some mud, and it wasn’t totally flat either.

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Sorry to hear that FP, these problems can be really annoying as you can think you are over them and then you get knocked back again. Hope the physio can give you some help.

Cheers Doug, fingers crossed. I had a time goal in mind but it will be now ‘just get it done’

Well, that’s a surprise :scream_cat:
So it might be a decent route? And not pavement pounding for 12 hours?

About 50/50 paved/unpaved, Capital Ring tries to join up parks, canals, river paths, disused railways, etc. to keep off the roads as much as possible, though inevitably there are some boring bits of suburb/urban streets. Not wilderness by any means though.

OK, what else can go wrong? Had a bloody toe nail fall off Sunday night and now my toe is quite sore rubbing up against the one next to it.
Perhaps it will snow on Saturday as well! :laughing: