Training - What Training?!

Standard week with no big sessions,

4 easy bike
1 intervals bike

1 easy run
1 intervals treadmill

1 steady state row
1 steady state ski

1 circuits - assault bike, rower, skierg and incline treadmill.


7hrs, 5214cals, 137 avg HR

An odd summary, but such is Garmin reports.


Wow. That’s a lot of calories… Is that accurate? I suppose 7 hrs :thinking: running or biking?

Is it? I have no idea, and you guys know my opinion on CICO.

Bike could be accurate enough as its measured power output, who knows about the rest.

2300 running, 500 swimming, 2400 cycling.

Ah I see. Good day that by the look of it, what’s yr opinion on cico

That it’s an irrational approach. :slight_smile:

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Hey, what time is it?!

… It’s Cico time



6h week after messing messing up my ankle. This week I’m going to have to sit back and focus my attention on other things! Maybe some strength work plus I’m hoping swimming will be OK.


Eight weeks until Staffs.
I’ve not swam in a month.
Ran in just over three weeks.
And have done a 45min and 80km ride in the past three weeks.

Did a 13km walk yesterday and my ankle ached afterwards.


So you will be peaking in 8 weeks then?


When are you off to Mallorca?

Erm…three weeks…but I’ve been told (numerous times) that it’s a holiday and not a training camp. And to expect two cafe stops in a 100km ride. Or three on a 130km ride.

I hate stopping, so am reminded of the Mallorca situation each time I ride outdoors with pals.

Therefore, in my head, a day on the bike is really two, three or four 35-45km rides :+1:t3:

From 2018, the Andratx to Pollenca ride took 6.5hrs elapsed time for 115km.
So I’m not worrying :blush:



Not a training camp, just multiple 100km+ rides.

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For a decent ride, start at the big car park of the main road about 300mtrs from the turn off the Soller, climb that and then head to Puig Major, up there. through the tunnel and then onto Sa Calobra, down and up that, then turn left and follow the rod for ages than head back via Artea (sp) Approx 130kms.

Pro tip, don’t do with Group 1 HC Ride Captains. :joy: :boom:

10 x 200m off 3:30
10 x 100m off 1:45
All bar one were on or below 1:30 pace

500m P&P

Up to the gym

3 x 5s

Bench Press
Seated row
Military press
Lat pull down


Lockdown 1.0
We moved house and I did zero exercise for seven weeks whilst I decorated the house.

I then went immediately into a 21 hour cycling “week”
My first ride back was 70km at 32.2kmh.

I have no fear :smiling_imp:


Great road to ride, I am very lucky to live here. Most of the roads are pretty quiet around here. If you have plans to come up again, let me know and I can send you a few routes

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2 hours of running (1 hr easy, 1 hard)

Just over 5 hours riding ~ (2 x commutes - quite hard both ways, 1hr easy turbo, 2.5 hrs steady outside)

Not really sure how i’m feeling, having highs and lows. Looking back at last year and i’m much later starting the longer Sunday rides. Think i may have been in slightly better run shape as well. This stupid lingering illness is having a big impact. It’s making me really not want to get out and train, though luckily when i do get out it’s not having a major impact so far. Just tight chest and slow to get going or at top intensity, plus a lack of mojo. Also this weather is really doing my head in - seems to be constantly cold and windy.

Think 2 weeks off (1 at home with the family and 1 on holiday) is really going to disrupt my training. Find it much easier to program it in during work/school weeks. Hopefully can fit enough in to keep ticking over.

Hoping to get the odd day off to myself in May as using up remaining leave from work, so should be able to get a few longer rides or runs in.

Think i’m extra whingey as had terrible sleep the last few days for various reasons.


Back home now - always nice to be back home after a trip!
Went for a very short run this morning, just 15 mins 2.5km. I find when I have a break from running and sit around a lot, my IT band rubs on the side of my knee the first few times I start running again. Hopefully will be back to normal running kms by the weekend. Afterwards did some strength.

3 x10 dumbbell military press 5kg
3x 10 upright rows 5kg
3x 5 dumbbell iron-cross 2kg (if I use a heavier weight, I start to use other muscles!!)
3x 10 hammer curls 5kg

5 x3 pull-ups - pull-up muscles did not want to play today after 10 days of doing nothing apart from eating and drinking tea, lots and lots of tea. Might have felt better if I started with pull-ups instead of finishing with them!!

@Jgav nice boulder picture of your little one and V2/3 very nice!!

@FatPom - Wishing you a very happy belated birthday FP :birthday: :tada: