Tri Battle Royale (18th July 21)

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Coming up on 18th July
Watch at

Article: Frodeno vs. Sanders analysis: Can Lionel defy logic? | Elite News |

Err…go Frodo :see_no_evil::grin:


After Lionel’s implosion the other week I have 0% interest in this in terms of a competitive battle, but I guess slightly intrigued to see how they try and make it entertaining viewing and not seem a complete walkover.

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I think it’ll be interesting. Lionel has a hell of a schedule between now and Kona. He just did IMCDA, then the Battle, then a KQ race, then Frankfurt. I think he’s spreading himself far too thin. I think this Battle has lost some of its edge as a result. Jan picks and chooses his iron distance races and generally excels at the small number that he does do.
I think Lionel will be down off the swim, he will make a huge effort on the bike and may even come off the bike in front, wise old Jan will stick to his numbers and breeze past on the run. Jan I think will want to and may even achieve a new iron distance record, which to me would probably be more impressive than the sub-7/8 project with it’s technology and drafting. I can’t see Lionel doing well at Kona after so many iron races in quick succession. I’m also interested to see how the coverage is and how they make it “interesting”.


1.The accent in the video was so odd. Possibly a german doing voice over in the Hollywood style
2. How are they going to make two guys doing a LD tri interesting? Kona has enough people in it and even then it gets dull after a while
3. How are they the kings? What about all of the other guys who are better than the Colonel?

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What time does it start uk time?

Is it pay per view online?

Looks like 9am German time (8am here) and as far as I can tell free to watch. The only thing on sale on the website link are tickets to actually attend, no mention of viewing passes of any kind as far as I could see.

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Let me know the result :sweat_smile:

Training day for Jan. Lionel to dig himself deeper into the hole he’s already in. Struggle to believe his schedule is coach endorsed so wondering if he’s gone rogue again.


Unless Jan takes it easy, I personally can’t even see Lionel bridging back up. Jan is excellent on the bike also.

That said, Jan taking it easy is highly likely. Unless he’s been offered a big pot of money for setting a new world best at the distance, I really can’t see what motivation he would have for giving it 100%

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Beautiful part of the world it’s being held, anyway! I stayed in Sonthofen for a week in the winter of 2007 when I was doing the German Language course.

Yep Jan is excellent on the bike but Lionel will have to try something. If he’s 3-4 minutes down after the swim he could monster the first half of the bike and make that up. It’ll make for a very tough marathon for him though…! Jan will ride to his numbers and be able to run well. I think Jan will go for the all-time iron record - better bikes and running shoes now than when he did Roth in 2016. Would a 7:30something be worth more than a drafted 6:59 or 7:04…?

Not sure about Jan going for the record. No ‘draft’ to enjoy in the swim, no pace line on the bike, no competitive element on the run. That means it’ll be hard soloing all the way.

I think the year he went on a world tour duffing up all his Kona rivals one by one then missing the race itself may have left a mark: he’ll do what he thinks is best for October. He’s 40 now, and smart enough to know that limits the number of times he can go deep in a year.

That probably means swimming hard, biking quite hard and doing enough to win comfortably on the run.


If you’re Frodo do you treat it as a training day and just try to win whilst expending as little effort as possible, or go full beast mode to lay down a marker for everyone

He also has The Collins Cup, World 70.3 and has still to qualify for Kona yet.

Watching the documentary following the training leading to the Collins Cup, he’d done his swim and went off to the track, soon after starting he limped back saying there was a crack sound in his ankle, did about 100m of limping jogging, put a pair of Nikes on and carried on doing laps. That sort of self-coaching may well be his downfall before he even gets to try and KQ.


Some surprising engineering works going into thus race - check out LS latest episode

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Will that EVER happen.

August 28th. I’m betting a one off.

I like the banked corner, I assume that’s for the turnaround point

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They need one of those for the Hawi turn at Kona!