What have you and what do you use? I’d like to purchase a new one this year as my current one is not very comfortable for IM racing. I was thinking of getting a No-pinz one as they would make one up in my cycle club’s colours as a one-off. Any suggestions appreciated.

Castelli Free San Remo - wore it for IM Switzerland and multiple shorter races find it pretty good but the legs are a little short.

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Huub Dave Scott…though I’m looking to upgrade to the “Enema of the Race”, as that’s a little loose on me now #humblebrag

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No Pinz Aero Trisuit, seems to work pretty well for me, good quality, no problem on the run, but only run a HM as all of my IM events I have changed into running kit for the Marathon. I also have a Castelli, which is good, but wanted one that was more aero, and the No Pinz was half price

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Race skin club kit with LD pad.

As comfy as assos shorts on the bike, can’t feel any “ nappy “ on the run.

The two piece is better quality than the all in one.

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+1 for raceskin. Not just good quality kit but the customer service was exceptional.

Haven’t used it yet, but I have nought the Endura QDC Drag2zero short sleeve tri suit ii with SST. Sigma have it for a significant reduction from rrp, and it was apparently only released for Kona.

This is the one the guys doing fittings at the Matt Bottrill centre are recommending. I tried the small but could hardly get it on, and it was cutting into my arms. The medium is not currently skin tight on the quads, but I’m intending on growing them a bit with more biking!

Certainly going to be a different experience to a 2 piece. I’ve never had to go before in a race, but if I do need to, that will be a bit of a problem :eyes:. Will aim to see jow it fairs in a half first. The good thing about it is it has loads of storage, that’s all pretty aero

The Castelli Free San Remo is a very comfortable suit, and the pockets are excellent; but as already alluded to, the legs are a bit short (I wear quad sleeves anyway for LD so moot) and also it’s not as aero around the sleeves as newer offerings.

I got a Stolen Goat suit (made by Bio Racer) last year and that’s also very nice; although I did pay to get a longer zip put in it. It’s also quite fragile.

I used HUUB Dave Scott last year very comfy for all distances but gotta HUUB Anemoi for Christmas for this season.

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How did you find the pad?
Not sure I’d get on with it for LD…but was fine over HIM.

Generally, I stick a pair of padded 2XU compression shorts underneath for LD.

How did you find the sizing. I tried both small and medium. The small I couldnt even get over a single shoulder. The medium was way too big. I guess that’s the problem with “off the shelf” skinsuits. You’re either lucky, or you’re not.

I’m contemplating the same, depending on how the new one feels for a half. I have about 3 pairs of the 2XU compression tri shorts, with the Elite LD Chamois that I really like. I’ve done the same with swimskins before for sprint tri’s, but I did Copenhagen with just the 2XU shorts (and a tri top!)

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I found the pad good used for Olympic and also Iron distance I am usually picky as well. Found it comfy on the bike and not bulky running as well.

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I have only tried it on but not used it. It’s definitely a bit smaller the the Dave Scott gear but I found it a bit loose in the arms. It’s easier to get into than my skin suit lol :rofl:

Any updates in this field following the last couple of years then?

I bought my trisuit in 2013, and it’s looking a tad baggy and tired now. Also technology has come a fair way i’d imagine in the interim.

From this thread it seems to be Castelli San Remo (have some Castelli bib shorts and i like them), Huub DS or Anemoi plus a couple of the expensive skinsuits like D2Z etc.

I’m looking for something ideally in the £100 range, but i’d maybe go up to £150 max. Obviously fit is going to be the main issue. Having spent quite some time on this forum, my build probably matches @stenard moer than anyone else, though i’m probably a tad shorter at 175cm (something like that), race weight probs 70-71 kgs, slightly broad shoulders for my size which often makes fit a bit tricky as i’m little but not proper skinny.

Hoping for some Black Friday-ish deals, and then i can chuck this under tree as my present from Mrs GB

ETA - crikes, trisuits have got expensive!!! struggling to see many decent ones for under £200!

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I got this last year;

Ticked plenty of boxes for me. Decent pad, bit of aero tech, very comfy around the waist. Pockets are a bit sh1t but just about useable.

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Cheers, will look at that.

There seem to be very few companies taking it seriously.

Huub, Zoot and Zone 3 keep popping up, and have entire ranges. The others may have one or two suits at any given time - maybe that’s a specialism thing. But the older, classic brands like Orca, Sailfish etc only seem to be giving me the odd hit, on some random website where they’ve obviosuly got old kit or whatever.

An observation only, just thought it was a bit odd and maybe i’m missing something.

Huub suits are garbage.
Steer well clear.

I’ve eBay’d my DS Long Course one.
Someone else can bare their ass crack to an Adam :rofl::clap:t3:

Longevity is a real issue for that brand.

That Z3 Lava one appeared on my radar.
Or just trawl eBay :man_shrugging:t4:

But yeah, they be proper expensive for what is an awful piece of material.


I was looking at this a couple of years ago and came to the conclusion that a lot of the smaller brands are customising the bioracer suit that gets good vfm ratings in aero tests. I think stolen goat is the same suit, and maybe the wiggle dhb lab one. No pinz used to be, but they now do the top end zone3.


That’s our club kit supplier…hmm…

Raceskin stuff is good quality and they’re customer service is excellent IME.