TriTalk 1.0 - Legacy Website

So, it looks like we have pretty much weaned ourselves off it already; no posts today. Soon to be gone, but not forgotten. There’s an absolute crap-ton of useful information on there, particularly on certain events.

RIP :heart:


It will never be gone. I already like the feel of this place. Configurable and not once have we had spam to deal with…yet…I will put a sticky up when I change the DNS to point the domain at this site. I just hope TT 1.0 all still functions with different url’s, although its just a subdomain so I don’t see any issues.

I like the fact that my work which blocked me posting in the old site haven’t yet blocked me posting in this one.


Now getting used to this one and quite like it. Still a lot of good threads on TT1.0 though, and info.


This one is Mobile friendly though :+1:

Still way too much unused space on this site. Having to scroll down to get to the third post on a thread is irritating.

I have no officially changed my start page link for TT to this forum instead. I guess I won’t be checking the old one much anymore now. :slight_smile:

And everyone (well more people) have gone ‘real’ on their profile pics as well!!! It’s like we’re all getting cosy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I did use a real picture, but then the thought of abandoning Napoleon freaked me out.

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I did notice! :face_with_monocle:

You’ve got to learn to let it go. I did have reservations myself around letting ol’ Kim down … .

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I miss Kim

I suspect the problem is that some people have had the same avatars for a decade and have no idea where the original JPG file is to use again.

In my case I was just too lazy to go and find it again.

I’m still in the same company and still using exactly the same PC as I had 12 years ago . The wonderful world of I.T. :joy:

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where’s Sloggers?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve been trying to locate him. Unfortunately he is not a submarine so I’m struggling.


Careful - he is listening in even though he’s not online.

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TriTalk 1.0 has been locked down.

I am currently testing a scrape of it which will convert the current dynamic site into plain html saving a few dollars a month and allow the site to still be accessed so won’t redirect the URL yet. I’m not sure how long this will take it how well it will work as the search will be lost but it’s worth a try. When I do reroute the URL it will still go to anyway!

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A sad day.

Are you posting informative pointers on IMJ to direct folks here?

We have real advice.

Red bike.
B70 helix.
Your all gay.


I’ve not so far, my troll account could spam them though. Not sure I want any Carl Jennings types over here though :joy:

Could they handle the heat of a Poet/Stenard technical battle though? It would be a risk to their lives (much like an IM! haha)