TriTalk 1.0 - Legacy Website

I performed a website scrape overnight and converted TT1.0 to plain HTML. It looked ok in the main but it wasn’t logged in so some blogs couldn’t be read. I will retry something tonight with it logged in on my ubuntu server and hopefully it will improve that side. Long term this could work best or will will be paying minimum $24 a month to just host a static website no one uses. I’m not sure i want to do it with some of the blog pages (PaulL) locked down to members only, when you cant login to look! the url will point to the old site for at least one more day whilst i try that.

Tbh, most of the FB/Insta types won’t get much gratification here; better to post on IMJ where they can bluff & use superlatives to their hearts content.

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Whilst not slowtwits standard they would get found out quite quickly.

Indeed. Jennings would get short shrift.

A riptide you say? Did anyone else experience this, or just those who hadn’t done any swim training all winter? Odd.

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Talking of Jennings, a question was asked on a “coaching” page or that’s how it started. It’s now IMJ light. "is a 30min swim worthwhile, what sessions to you recommend. I don’t think my sarcasm came through enough in my reply as 1800m in 30mins :joy:

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Haha - maths not a strong point over there then?!

Yes, I immediately started doing the maths on his session!

What is ‘riptide’ up to these days?

So, he can do 1800m in half an hour, but his HIM swim is 40 minutes???


And, FWIW, I used to swim 25/35 minutes at lunch, because it’s all I could fit in. I swam three to four times per week and got my time back down to 1:30/100m having not swam for six years :ok_hand:t4::+1:t3:
So yes, just getting into the pool and swimming is definitely worth it.


What is this witchcraft you speak of?

Just getting on with practising the thing you are hoping to improve - and it works? Crazy talk.


I once had my swim critiqued by an elite level swim coach, who said there was bugger all wrong with it but I just needed to swim more to improve times. did I? nope - still as slow as ever.:smiley:

This is the guy that missed a swim cut off by finding the only rip tide in the whole of lanzarote. He then went to IMUK because of his bad luck and still only just made cut off. A year later hes talking of 1800 swim sets my top squad juniors wouldn’t be doing.

Are you suggesting he’s full of it?? The world is full of them, even if they are well meaning.

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Isn’t he promoting himself as a coach? He is certainly popular on IMJ. He got really upset by comments made on another forum about him - not sure which, either us of New2Tri

I think he follows the Lionel Sanders approach to triathlons, just not quite the same level of talent. At the end of the day he is having a good time, I am sure with a good coach and less beer (Pubs seem to appear frequently in his posts/blogs) he could become a bit quicker, but not sure he would enjoy it more.

Really? This is what concerned me with Triathlon in the Forces; novices would be offered L1 coaching courses, on the basis they would help out at training camps. These are people who have maybe 2-3 events under their belts, and have been at it maybe a year. I never attended these camps.

Do you think Carl Jennings has come on to this Forum? I think it would be very interesting if he did.

I lasted a week on IMJ. It’s just got so many members, 33K, I think. My timeline was just full of it. That said, we were all new to this once and encouraging some newbies onto here is pretty important if we want TT to thrive. Out and out bull$hitters are different.

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You can just ‘unfollow’ to stop getting feed from any group or individual! (surely we’ve all done this)

No, I just left. No desire to go back on. I’ll stick with this motley crew.

^^ Leap to IMJ’s defence did you? :shushing_face:

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IMJ, and New2Tri have lots of women, which is an area that we don’t cater for very well due to most posts coming from blokes. What people are often looking for on those sites is reassurance from people who are like them, i.e people who have done one or 2 triathlons, people who are not strong swimmers, people who have a fear of non wetsuit swims, One and Dones, if he/she can do it, then so can I (Carl Jennings)

Realistically TT is a resource for people who have a passion for triathlon, and are not solely focused on the IM label. I would say that there are a few people on IMJ, who probably would get a lot out of TT as well