TriTalk leaderboard 2019

Hi all, for a bit of fun in the off season there’s a spreadsheet here

  1. Enter your username
  2. Enter your best 400m swim time this year
  3. Enter your best 20 minute bike power this year
  4. Enter your best 5km run time this year

You’ll get a virtual IM time, and see where you stand in the virtual TT pecking order :wink:


Comfortably in last place over here. :rofl:

I’m not tracking 2 or 4 I’m afraid, and I havent done a 20min test in 2019…my score is from a set of intervals with several 2min breaks!

Have I put in enough excuses yet, or are more needed?

My swimming and cycling is super soft at the mo. I took some educated guesses at where they would be this year. I have probably undersold myself slightly there though.

Only until I fill it in then everyone can relax. I can’t access it from work so may be some time, sorry.

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Can I just check the 20min max power one. Is that just the figure Garmin gives after a ride for the highest 20min average, rather than an actual 20min FTP test. If that’s the case, is that quoted somewhere without having to look back through rides?

Right I need to go out and do a hard 5km and 20 minute effort


Like I said before, you need w/kg for it to have any meaning.

Yeah … but that makes it all too real.

Only the running one is properly legit, so let’s just use that one :wink:


I wish that was my IM time,


Is that before or after @gingerbongo had his McDonalds :rofl:

If you Strava you can look at your year’s power curve to get best 20 minutes.

Thanks, I found a personal records section on Garmin desktop that I couldn’t see on my phone. I don’t think I have that on my Strava, I’ve only got the free one.

errr … as i sit munching a big bag of kettlechips i just found in my drawer (as i forgot to bring in any fruit today)!

Going for a dirty lunch today as well!! School xmas FAIR tonight will inevitably see much cake consumed, and then a glass of wine later! :see_no_evil:

It’s ok, i’ll burn it next Friday (i hope!)

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You and your predicted 6 hours IM mara…however, your estimated results in flattering mine!

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Christ thats a bit depressing. Are you lot all getting jiffy bags to help with your biking?

Almost predicting my target time for going long next year tho!

Yep, my bike power May look high, but I’m a lardy 80kg’s.

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A nicely flattering IM time result too, I’m chuffed! Even with the way under FTP estimate.

FTFY :grinning:

Stick 15/20kg in a rucksack and welcome to my world :sob:

Pah. My power isnt as high as it used to be but im rocking 130kgs right now