TriTalk leaderboard 2019

To clarify, it’s best average 20 min power rather than the resultant FTP I assume? (x0.95)

Yes, best average power for 20mins.

And we are specifying 2019, not ‘off-season’ Sept-19 to Mar-20?

What, the bike split? You may be right - didn’t want to make the sheet too complex though - on a flat course W/CdA might be nice to know, but who knows their CdA? Certainly not me :slight_smile:

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Yeah, agree the W/Kg thing would be good… you could make it easy by assuming a standard weight in your calcs, and converting a supplied W/Kg into Watts using that, and thus avoiding lots of reworking of your spreadsheet…

At a mere 62Kg, the current number look very much on the low side for me

PS made up the calculation for bike split of the top of my head. Something like 975000 / (FTP) ^ 0.7 which seemed to feel kinda right… yep there’s that much science.

If anyone has a better guestimate please feel free to change it. I actually wondered about incorporating run LT in the bike split calc, as a proxy for weight?? But that seemed way too serious

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Input my details. According to this it looks like me and @chickenboy would have a good battle over Oly but he would smash me over the IM distance because of his mega-legs

Dead last by a considerable margin WOOHOO!


Looks like me and @chickenboy are going manno to manno IronWar style, whilst actually @trisam is going to come through in a blaze of glory and dip to win a photo-finish.


You could add a field for actual 2019 times to compare, but it might draw too many tears (from me)

A lot of people probably don’t have a real Oly Dist time to put on the spreadsheet!

2:07:56 in case you were interested (2013 - was older than Poet is now :laughing:)

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I did a 2:12 somewhere once.
2009, I think at Barton Marina.

23:00/1:03:12/40:09 plus transitions (1:06 & 28s) …it’s still on the Internet. Lake 32.

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1:58:44 is (I think) my fastest, made up of a 21:00/1:00:45/35:42.

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For me I don’t think that the estimates are to far off

With recent swim improvements I think 1:06 is achievable, maybe faster with wetsuit
4:49 bike feels a bit quick, I did 5:08 in Hamburg, but it was 6k long so should be 4:57
3:40 run… I ran 3:22 in Hamburg

I think I can increase my 5k PB a fair amount. Lets see what I can do with that swim during off season
Not sure I can catch Chickenboy, Chris Swim and Tri Sam

My OD PR is 2:09:59 (26:36, 57:14, 43:38) so I’ll settle on the 2:10 estimate

Yeah - it’s got my ideal IM times there.
I’d agree with the model, for me.

I did a sub-2 once, although the swim was short.

Swim was supposed to be up and down the river, but they decided the flow was too strong to we only swam the down bit! 750m in a strong current, toughest bit was making sure you didn’t miss the out ramp and have to swim back up to it.

Crikey - sub 2 is a serious time

Yeah, major asterisk against that time Buzz!

I was going to fill it in, but I couldn’t find any actual data on performance this year other than a parkrun for the 5km, at some point I’ll look through the fit files and do it.