TriTalk on Tour 2023

Sounds like Cotswolds Classic 113 was a huge hit this year. I think that it is a great idea to have some informal TriTalk race meet for 2023, we can then get it in the diary early.

Any ideas welcome, however, here are my thoughts

  1. Cotswold Classic
  2. Holkam Half
  3. Ironbourne (70.3 or Full)
  4. 255 Tri at Goodwood
  5. IM Wales (May not be the most accessible of races)
  6. IM UK (Is it really as tough as IMJ people make out)
  7. IM 70.3 Weymouth - I have space for 6 or 7 couples, more if people don’t mind bringing camping mats

I’m also going to throw this event into the ring…

Early July, based between Calais & Dunkirk. There are full, middle, standard, duathlon, sprint, swim/bike & kids events over the Saturday & Sunday. All cheap as chips & from what I can see - perhaps @awildt can verify :wink: - as long as you have BTF membership there is no need for a Doctor’s note to compete.

I’ll be using it as a stepping stone into France for my holiday next year. If the weather is good I’ll visit WW1/2 sites, if not we’ll chase the decent weather further south.

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If it’s not in a private lake, I can bandit the swim with my Kayak :+1: :rofl:


There was some discussion about making it an Oly so it’s more accessible. Location wise, Cots was good. Anywhere Midlands is ok for most people.


Looks like a really fast bike course, under 900m and looking at the map, lots of long straight sections

Swim in rowing lake? similar to Roth with no sighting issues

4 lap flat run with aid stations every 2.5km

This has sub 9 potential

Its under 8 hours drive for me, so that makes it attractive. I guess its a relatively easy drive from most of UK too


Standard distance is utterly spaff.
Not short enough to go balls out.
Long enough to make you tired.

I like the build up to the middle distance, you’ve got to actually train for it!!!

I’d do Helvellyn again :smiling_imp:
Just wouldn’t quit this time :see_no_evil:


Nah Oly is great distance. Plus it puts the shit swimmers on the back foot. I had a big battle with a guy in my club, he was a much better runner, but I was a much better swimmer, I won.

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Std Distance is vicious and horrible. It’s all about keeping as close to the red line as possible, without actually blowing up


It’s a decent 2-3 hour race for most people. Got to train if you want to do well.


Not many can go sub 2 hours

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25min swim
1:05 bike
40 run

What’s that?
2:10, so 50% bike still.

Best distance would be;
2km swim
20km bike
8km run


Not that cheap but by UK standards, yes it is. Gravelines tri club are a good one - sponsored by edf thanks to the big power plant there. So expected an even lower entry fee :wink:

Need to double check the BTF licence acceptance. French Athletics is no longer accepting the UKA licence so you still need a docs certificate. And they’re getting more difficult to get hold of in the UK. It’s very frustrating! I can only assume this is why French events really are falling out of favour in the UK.

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Weak - you can do better than that


How about Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon – David Fox-Pitt MBE

We do it as a team event as you have to be in a pair. Would suit our trail running community well. Bike is the shortest piece, so isn’t weighted towards uber bikers

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I’ve only ever done three!
PB is 2:14.

For a sprint, fastest I’ve gone is 31:32 - which was actually 20km although pan flat up and down the promenade road at Southport :sun_with_face::yawning_face:

So not sure I’d be ever quicker than 1:05 now :face_with_peeking_eye:

You need to come over to Zug for the Zyterm Tri. The Bike is about 800m short (Swiss Tri still claims 40km), but course is super fast on perfect roads.

I did 2:09:56 and 2:10:40

€100 for a middle is cheap enough for me, I’m not greedy :smiley:. The event seems to have been going for a few years & the middle had 750 finishers this year from all across Europe.

Does this say we don’t need a med certificate? I’m confused by what FCSAD is :man_shrugging:

Do you know what FCSAD is?

(Sorry to bug you, but you are our :fr: expert.)

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It would need to be a half or full for me or a very reasonably priced oly. As claimed elsewhere I don’t think you get great value for most of the shorter races.

Yes, I’d say it’s a tough course, genuinely challenging. Not to the levels that the 14 hour plus folks say though!


Sub £100 reasonable?

If it has to, then I’d do another half but not sure I want to train for one.

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Back in the office today so that just takes all my time :roll_eyes::joy::joy::joy:

Would appear that FFTri have an agreement with ITU to accept all ITU-affiliated countries licences. So yes that info is correct and you don’t need a Med certificate.

I will have to do some more digging on FCSAD.

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