The inaugural lockdown Tri Talk 1 mile Time Trial thread.

Thread reserves the right to change it’s name and add more distances!

Name. Time. Age. Age Grade. Course notes/excuses.



What are we using to work out Age Grade?

Is it our actual age or how old we currently feel, late 70’s for me if that’s the case :roll_eyes:


Running or cycling? :thinking::joy: I’m guessing not swimming at the moment :mask:

going to have a crack on Tuesday - I guess I’ll have a km or 2 warm up - stop watch blast out a mile - then start another run for my plod home!

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Did a run with the gf but then ran home solo. Threw in a fast mile on the way back. Not exactly ideal in this heat, plus hydration backpack for the two of us, plus my phone etc on me. Also, no cheat shoes! :joy:

15s slower than my road mile pb

Definitely don’t want to see any simple 1.60km “miles” :face_with_monocle: I have a “race” activity profile that is setup to autolap in miles, even though the watch is setup metric (you just set the watch to imperial, set it to 1 mile autolap, then turn it back to metric)

EDIT - Apparently 70.03% age graded


What was your 1M time again?

Also, does it have to be flat :smiling_imp:

Yep, honesty wins here. Flat or as close to net zero as poss.

Or we could have a blatant downhill cat. Let the quad murdering begin!

Well I’ve only got flat round here!

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I’ll have a bash this week and throw my hat in the ring

That could be scary!

I kind of cheated. To compensate for the backpack and being part of a longer run, I incorporated a net downhill stretch into the middle of mine. Surprising to remember how much fast running hurts. I was wanting to stop after a km, and yet was probably only going a fraction faster than my 5k best!

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There’s such a big difference between a km and a mile. The km I can hang on at close to dull beans, but the mile needs pacing.

Are we allowed to use Nike’s :rofl:

I suspect any benefit is fairly negligible over a mile.

If you do I am knocking at least 4% off my time :smile:


My fastest this year is 6:45 in magic shoes.


Managed 6:12 earlier in the week, but that was at the end of a hard interval session.

Will try specifically over the next couple of weeks, see where I end up!


Name. TriCurious
Time. 5:58
Age. 50
Age Grade. 71.09
Excuses. Tough and dodging around people didn’t help but pleased.

Also in the records section of my Garmin…


Yes, great stuff!

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