Tubeless Setup

For commuting, I’ve never had a puncture since getting Schwalbe Marathons (but any similar very puncture resistant tyre is the same deal, I think). Never had a puncture through my road bike Gatorskins, either. Choice of tyre makes a massive difference.
I’ve also tried Inner Tube Sealant | Puncture Protection | Muc-Off UK with gravel tyres, and I think (but am not sure) it’s sealed once or twice againt thorns. It’s supposed to last “forever” unlike tubeless sealant that needs regular topping up. You do need removable valve cores to get it into your tubes, though.

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The problem you have now is you can’t put enough pressure in to seat the bead, once it’s holding air you can put 20psi or so higher just to seat it & bounce it around.

It’s nice if you can seal it without sealant but I’ve often had to put some in.

Same, I don’t think I’d be happy with needing sealant to seal the tyre onto the rim


@r0bh and I agree on something :astonished: :wink:

@Doka - I can get 100psi in there with my track pump, I dare not go higher than that. I’ve bounced it on the floor expecting a huge BANG noise too. Just not happening.

I’m gonna give it a go with the SydLikesBikes technique - as that differs from the one I tried.

It is very frustrating, as I like working on my bikes and knowing how to do most things with them :frowning:
I also don’t like being “beaten” - ha ha ha!!!

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Can you see it’s not seated or is it just that it’s not holding air?

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With my tubeless tyres/rims, once the bead is seated it is an absolute bastard to break the bead again. On clinchers you just push the bead in so you can get a tyre lever under it but that “pushing in” requires massive force on my tubeless gravel tyres because there’s a slight channel it sits in that you have to push it up out of. It ‘pops’ out as well as ‘popping’ in.
What’s your rim profile like? Assume tubeless with sealing humps, in which case I don’t think there’s any danger of it coming out that channel once it’s in unless your tyres really aren’t compatible with the rim.


I think this will be the profile.

fulcrumracing7db700dbclincherspares (3)

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It looks properly seated - as in the “bead” profile is a constant 2mm away from the rim all of the way round.
The rims are Fulcrum Racing Red 900 UST, the tyres are WTB Riddler (all of which are tubeless compatible) - they came with the bike and are both listed as being compatible and fine for tubeless.


I’d stick sealant in it.


It’s only an hour or so to yours from mine, so if it fails, I’ll bring it round! :joy:


You can ride over, it’ll be fine :grin:.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

There’s something I don’t like in between us, though…begins with “hi” ends in “'lls” :wink:
I’ve cycled up the M62 summit on the pennine bridleway before, on a road bike with 28mm slicks and a 34/28 ratio…I reckon my new bike would make light work of that!!!


Well, that’s utterly fucked that tyre now :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Had it at 100psi and it just exploded off.
Massive blast and ear ringing :ear:t4::boom:

Time to go get some sexy tan walls :heart_eyes:

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I was thinking about going tubeless on my Canyon next spring. This massive thread is very much making me change my mind! There’s no way old cack hands here would be able to manage it.


The Mavic UST rims I have worked first time.
No special technique, no bike shop, no air compressor.
These have been an effing disaster :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Spesh Pathfinders :ok_hand:

Gonna go see what TSC have after my breakfast and getting dressed etc.
fancy a ride this afternoon I do.

Cobbles and hills with some woodland sounds nice.

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Spesh is far too Tesco for TSC :joy:

:scream: You’ve changed…for the better!


Ha ha ha :joy::joy::joy:
There’s a Trek showroom close by, plus a couple of standard bike shops, too.
But TSC is five minutes away.

RE: Hills … easy as pie with a 40/42 ratio :joy::joy::joy:
Even on grass and mud. Just spin away. It’s mental :exploding_head:

Probably gonna defer Bolton and have some fun instead (as in, I’m too slow/fat and CBA to lose any weight)

Looking at this;

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Did it a few years ago. It’s ace :ok_hand: