Tubulars: Anyone Still Using Them? What’s the best option right now?

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Still got 4x Zipp tubular wheels. I’m considering replacing my 4 year old Zipp SLSpeed tubs (24mm). Is there anything better out there nowadays, that doesn’t have the fragility of a track tub? Usual set-up is 808FC front (26.5mm wide) & Zipp 900 (pre-dimple) disc (21mm wide iirc)

Anyone used the 23/25 mm Vittoria Corsa Speed G+ tubs? Or what about the standard Corsa G+?

That’s by Jorgan, not me, btw.
Though I still use tubs. Mainly due to being a Luddite

I am probably going to plump for Corsa G+ 23mm front & rear. I could go narrower for aero reasons, but I fancy a bit of cushioning and the disc is well shielded by the frame. The 808 is actually optimised for 21mm aerodynamically, but that seems to have been forgotten in the era of wide tyre trends and Crr charts.

21mm Vittoria Corsa Evo CX on the front (at a bone jarring 12 bar)
23mm Conti Comp out back (at some insane pressure like 14 bar - sidewall states it can take 16, but I got scared)

I’d take the puncture protection over saving 3-5W. Unless I was at the proper pointy end and wanted a slot.

I’ve spotted some Corsa SL 22mm tubs, new old stock. Basically a Corsa CX with a slicker tread.

Is that on the wheelchair racing site?
I’ve found he’s the only one with a decent stock range.

How far do you guys ride that those pressures? 12 bar 21mm really doesn’t sound comfortable.

I can’t recall what I rode Outlaw on - but I’ve rode up to 60 miles on those pressures on poor road surfaces, but the J series TT courses around Cheshire (you can link most of them together and they’re all on my doorstep)

When it rains and I go back to the 725 steel winter bike on 25mm at 80psi, I can tell the difference.

I’ve been riding these 24mm Zipp tubs on 95psi no bother. Yet they recommend a minimum of 115 for my weight :thinking:

I have quite a few old spare tubulars, but I’m wondering if I need to build a good stash if I intend on using these wheels for the foreseeable.

That said, at some point I’d like to make the jump to a disc brake TT bike, when the choice is greater & prices lower. Already been riding disc road/clinchers for ages!

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I’ll have ‘em !!!

You’re welcome to them if you still need them, come the day I make the switch. I reckon I currently have the following serviceable inventory, including stored & mounted:

3x Corsa Evo CX 21mm (from 2007/8)
2x Zipp Tangente 21mm (dimpled) (2009-14 race tyres)
2x Schwalbe Stelvio 22mm (from 2008 - mounted to my older Zipps)
1x Tufo S3 Lite 21mm (used as a race spare)
2x Zipp SL Speed 24mm (mounted to current race wheels since 2015 - 900Disc/808)

I lost my other Tufo when it launched on a rumble strip (fast descent) in Marazion HIM in 2013. Went back for it after the race but couldn’t find my spares canister by the roadside. I did my first Full (Roth) on those Tufos; before I knew about Crr :blush:

That’s a huge inventory.

The Corsa Evo CX are my favourite.
Mainly for Crr and puncture protection. The balance has to be struck somewhere

I’m toying with fitting an Evo CX on my 808 front for the 113; 21mm is the optimal aero width for the FC rim. The only downside is Crr/comfort on those crappy roads. I certainly won’t be moving to those 22mm Corsa SLs for the 113; I’d save that for smooth Germanic roads.

Pulled the trigger on those 22mm Corsa SLs; last 2 in stock! They will be kept to one side until after the 113. Then my £75 Zipps will be put into the growing spares stockpile!

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This is the UK based site with a shed load of tub options


Not a latex tubed tyre in sight there :thinking:

Annoyingly the shop didn’t have 2x Corsa SLs left, just one, so have refunded me. Back to square one.

Current race combo is;
21mm Vittoria Corsa Evo CX front
23mm Conti Competition on the back

Whilst I like them, they’re a little old and tatty and I’d like to mount new ones for race day (testing the week before)
Plus, they’re giving away 8W (over Corsa Speeds) at 36kmh according to bikecalculator.de
(New chain is also going on for race week)

I’ve been looking at upgrading to the Vittoria Corsa Speed’s, but the puncture protection is putting me off.
However, the brr site says the tread is 8, only the sidewall letting it down.
The Corsa G+ has equivalent puncture protection as my current set up, but with a lower Crr.
Plus they have cool gum walls :wink:

As a slight aside, anyone know of some mega cheap ones? I have got a spare tub now as my front wheel needed rebuilding and a new rim. Just want to practice putting them on and taking them off. Last time i tried I removed all the skin from palms