Tubulars: Anyone Still Using Them? What’s the best option right now?

Vittoria Strada’s are £14 from Decathlon

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Sort of on topic. Do you people carry a can of pitstop on the bike or does it go in pre-emptively?

Depends on the tyre.

You can’t use it for latex inners, so need to coat them pre-emptively.
Also, depends on your valve cores.

But…yes, I carry some.

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These days, I just carry a spare tyre.

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Im using Conti competitions on zipp 808 front 1080 on the back have a used tub as a spare. 110 psi.

A wonderful ride.

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Managed to find some Corsa SLs somewhere else; albeit another £10 each. Let’s hope when they go to the back corner of the stock room, they are actually there :smirk:

Nicely pre-matured for you :+1:t3:

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Yes, I assumed this would be an added benefit!

So they have arrived and are very nice. They seem nicer finished than my Zipps, but it could just be that they are new. They are kind of slick, but with a textured shoulder for cornering grip.

Currently on some old clincher rims stretching. I cannot get over how skinny 22mm looks by today’s standards. Especially having just put some 32s on my commuter and my Canyon has 28s.

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Just about to do the same thing…first port of call will be to see what’s in the garage…

Oh man. They look NICE!
Where did you unearth them?

Also, wise man, would you say (from BRR) that the standard Corsa G+ 23/25mm tubulars are better than my current setup of Corsa Evo CX 21mm front and Conti Comp 23mm rear?

The Conti is a butyl tube, so whilst convenient, it’s definitely slower than latex. You can find ‘pro’ issue Conti tubs with latex on fleabay, but they are around £145 pair. Although for good tubs that’s not silly money.

I guess it’s a balance between Crr/comfort and aerodynamics with tyres, especially with Tubular rims. My Zipp Disc is very narrow (ca 20.5mm), so the current 24mm tyre on it is a bit of an aero sin, as is even the front 24mm on an 808FC rim (optimised for 21mm). They are of course a little more comfortable, especially on our roads. One of the reasons I’ve gone for 22mm is because they will be better aerodynamically, and the smooth German roads in Hamburg will be way more forgiving to the narrower tyre.

You need to decide based on your priorities what tyre to run on those PX rims. How wide is it at the widest part? I’m guessing low 20s. I would say for UK roads and your weight, then a 23/25mm rear tyre is best, and probably 22/3 up front. Although aero wise, they are probably optimal at 20/21mm! If you want matching, then yeah Corsa G+. Lovely looking tyres. LBS have some Corsa Speed tubs - but they are like condom thin sidewalls! Not for LD tri.

I happened upon the Corsa SLs on eBay. First place got stock wrong, so returned my money. Another place in NI has 3 left. So between those two shops you could get a pair now :yum:

Thanks for the nice reply :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s what the BRR site seemed to say, in not so many words.

The current ones are decent and are mounted well, the rigmarole of taking all the tape off cleanly and reapplying is putting me off!

For the PX rims, I used to ride a 21/23 combo.
Which was fine at 70kg for Outlaw.
I don’t mind the “comfort” thing, I only really notice it when I get the steel winter bike out on 25mm (they’re more like 27mm mounted)
But that’s a whole different set up (taller bar height, smaller cranks, lower gearing) so not really comparable.

The G+ do look really nice…

Yeah, I’m not sure about whether to bother changing tyres for the 113, and saving them for Hamburg. I’m tempted to put an old dimpled 21mm Zipp on the front though, it’s just the hassle involved for one race.

As far as gluing/taping. The Jantex 76 ‘alloy’ tape is very thin, and I’ve had good results in all weathers. You really need to get good uniform adhesion all round - which is what causes variations in Crr between Glue & Tape i.e. tape doesn’t give such a solid 100% bond on the whole rim bed like glue. Glue is not really optimal for Tri though if you have to change it. So I’m considering a ‘hybrid’ method. Get the tape on the rim, and really make sure it’s 100% adhered, heat it with a hair dryer, and then inflate a tub on it, leave for a day or two. Then apply a very thin layer or two of glue to the tyre (Mastic Pro) then mount, hoping the glue will have some flex to give that 100% bond throughout. But you still have the tape against the wheel if you need to get it off in a hurry.

How do you fold a tub down so it’s remotely small? I’ve just taken a sprinter tub off an old wheel to use as a spare and no matter how I try, it’s feckin’ enormous.

My photo of it easily inside a caddy sack?

It’s a Tufo something or other that @Jorgan sold me.
There’s one on eBay at the minute…get that for a spare


Yes, you will need either a Tufo road/track tyre, or a track one from the other brands. A Tufo shouldn’t be your default Tub though, as they are slow!

Also see here: https://www.thomasgerlach.com/2011/10/gold-standard-gear-best-tubular-spare.html

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I can testify to the Tufo spare being robust.
I’ve done about 200km on it over three/four rides with no issues - there no scarring on the tyre or even signs of much use!

I remember the TimeTrialling forum…
…seems to be a fair amount of choice on there :slight_smile:

All second hand and ridden, but these guys have immaculate equipment.

Also, I’ve recalled each time I’ve changed something close to race day, something goes wrong.
Nothing new(ish) on race day :no_good_man:t2:

Thanks gents. That all makes sense. I’m going to carry pitstop in a rear canister and try that first, if I flat, then do a tub change if required.