UK Iron Distance Races

  • = support required

18th June 2023 - Triathlon X - regular or extreme and both hilly - FULL X

*17th June 2023 - Celtman -

18th June 2023 - Lakesman-

25th June 2023 - UK Ultimate -

2nd July 2023 - IMUK - IRONMAN UK - Anything is Possible

9th July 2023 - Ironbourne -

9th July 2023 - The Bastion -

15th July 2023 - The Odyssey -

30th July 2023 - Outlaw -

30th July 2023 - Goodwood 255 (IM or 255 options) (flat and fast) - 255 Solo Triathlon

12th-13th Aug 2023 - MidnightMan - 11th Midnight Man 12th/13th August 2023 | Bridge Events Dartford | Home of the Midnight WO/MAN

3rd September 2023 - IM Wales - Register - IRONMAN Wales

10th September 2022 - Brutal -


Will add Yorkshireman and Dalesman later.


15th-18th May - Enduroman -

6th June - Triathlon X -

13th June - Celtman -

14th June - UK Ultimate -

21st June - Lakesman-

21st June - Yorkshireman -

July (tbc) - Ironbourne - 1

4th July - Tri Extreme -

5th July - The Bastion -

12th July - Jurassicman -

12th July - IMUK -

26th July - Outlaw -

9th August - MidnightMan -

6th September - IM Wales -

12th September - Brutal -

September (tbc?) - Manx Xtreme -

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First post edited with all updates!


21st June - Yorkshireman -
September (tbc?) - Manx Xtreme -

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Would it be possible to put an asterisk next to those requiring support eg buddy runner - hope not taking the piss too much.

eg the Manx Xtreme, Tri Extreme, Celtman to name but a few

Whilst I understand the concept of requiring assistance, apart from attempting Extreme (again), I would much rather be trusted to be solo ala many of the ultra endurance running races.

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np If people let me know I’ll add it

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@gingerbongo this one? Some races have gone now though



The UK ultimate one looks good from a date and logistics perspective. But it’s multi lapped (don’t mind that too much) and a tiny field. So would probably just be a personal tt.

Would’ve liked Outlaw to be a month earlier, and that would’ve been ideal.

I like the look of Lakesman. But it’s a trek and a half. 6-7hrs away.


Has that gone?

@gingerbongo - Lakesman has only been correct distance once, in all of the years it’s been running.
Imagine going sub-10 and having that asterisk next to your name.
Nope. Not for me.

I clocked it pretty close for the bike and run. Is there zero buffer under distance?

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Nope … still struggling


You are correct!!! Sorry. Edited original post :+1:t3:

Another Thread in need of updating…

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He hasn’t even broken the magical 10:10 barrier.

Oh, 3 times since you asked :rofl: :wink:


In all of those lovely roads we have in the UK, which are known for their buttery smooth surfaces.

And, at the time I was trying, with those huge packs of FUCKING ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NO FUCKING PERSON IN A FUCKING TEN MILE FUCKING RADIUS of me?

Yeah, easy to see why I never did it :wink:

I’ll add it to my 5:00.1 mile, 17:07 5km, 35:01 10km, 1:20:41 HM times, yeah?


So you didn’t go Sub 5:00, 17:00, 35:00 or 80? Either…

You must be RAGING!


ha ha ha!!!
I wasn’t “trying” for anything at any of them, though!!!

the mile was at 7pm, as a warm up for the 7:20pm 5km. Everything just “clicked” that night.
Following Team GB womens team obviously helped my performance that night :wink:

the 10km time was a bolt from the blue, just tucked in with some guys and hung on.

HM was 2019, first race after 5 years, hoping for 1:25-1:30, again, ended up seeing an old Derby XC “nemesis”, chatting to him and just had a really relaxing run :slight_smile:
Thoroughly enjoyed that one.

So, I guess here, the moral of the story is the best performances come when there is zero pressure to perform.

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Yes, time goals can really take the ‘fun’ out it in my experience!


Or your PBs are weak for a man of your potential.