Various federation memberships value

  • Swim England
  • British Cycling
  • Accident insurance
  • England Athletics
  • British Triathlon Federation
  • Saves race license and European medical fee

As far as I’m aware the only one I get any value from is BTF avoiding the race license and medical for European Ironman races.

Apart from all the bumpf is there any value to be extracted from these?

Third party insurance cover is better from British Cycling, Triathlon England only covers you “when training for triathlon” or something like that


As @r0bh says, the insurance cover fron BC is better and worth the £50 if you’re more than a casual cyclist.


Don’t think there’s much from EA except discounted race entry. There’s the odd discount but I can’t recall anything useful.

But if you want to run for your club at some events you need to be a member I think. Track meetings?

It keeps going up and isn’t helped by regional membership as well. Our club decided it wasn’t worth paying northern athletics and north eastern for a couple of XC championships that hardly anyone attended.

For the BTA it’s possibly worth it if you race in France to avoid paying for a pointless medical certificate to keep their government happy!

What level of BC membership do you folks have / recommend? I’ve got “Commute” level free via work but is that pleb level membership sufficient for an occasional triathlete? (Yes I should go read the T&Cs :roll_eyes:.)

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I think I have Ride

No idea why or what for, vaguely think it was insurance as robh and doka say

After my experience, I’d never ride on the road without insurance. These days it’s the only reason I join BC but the coverage is just as good with CTC (or whatever they are called now).

As the Amex ad says, ‘don’t leave home without it’ :wink:

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My club from next year requires insurance.

Most home policies have some form of cover, but…

BC Silver is good, from what I’ve heard of people who’ve used it.

However, CTC is the same and you can sue BC members if they crash into you :white_check_mark:

BC Vs BC will not launch a claim :+1:t3:


I was almost going to mention that. Could be handy for Ride London. :smile:


It’s like £2.50 though so I mean, not really worth counting right?

There’s probably a “race” exclusion :roll_eyes::rofl:

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CTC also has a deal with Audax UK so you don’t have to pay the non-member surcharge for Audax events


Just a quick update - your BTF membership is only valid in other Euro countries where that event is sanctioned/permitted by their National Fed. It’s a reciprocal agreement amongst all WT members. It doesn’t cover you if the event is not sanctioned and you may be asked to pay for a day insurance for these.


You’d be surprised how many members moaned about it! We had a general vote to see if anyone was interested and about 2 people said yes.


EA , only of use if doing EA club events, unless you run road races loads and save your £2 per event or whatever it is

Bc , I keep silver for the insurance (and race licence I haven’t used it years)

BTF worth it for race day insurance, fiver a race saving and all the other things. I have to have it for coaching insurance anyway

SE you have to have Club train (about a tenner year) for club insurance purposes, Club compete if doing gala’s, still only about £30 a year) mine was a lot more cos coaching. (there’s a club support or something if you do committee/officiating/TM’ing etc which the club just pay for you, its basically so TE can DBS you)

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Hmm, good thread. I’ve never really thought about it before. But thinking about how many incidents have happened to members on this forum alone in the last 24 months, it would probably be a good idea. Especially for the sake of £50 or whatever it is.

BC seems like a good shout. Ride for £44 seems decent, but you don’t get the personal accident cover of £25k. The only one that has that is Race Gold which is £78. Any thoughts?

With the CTC one, do you get standard cover, or do you have to take out a Yellow Jersey policy and then claim the discount? The website isn’t super clear.

eta - clicking through it seems the CTC one does give £10m 3rd party cover.

eta eta - i went with CTC/Cycling UK. Got the family membership for £80. So that’s all 4 of us covered.

I’ve had to have BC membership for the cycle club and have had silver for years. Haven’t used the race licence since 2015 mind!

Never gone for BTF as the only other benefit would be day licence cover right? I only race 2-3 times a year so roughly £15 in day fees (and never raced in France)

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Interesting thread. I just let my BTF and EA memberships lapse.

I’m assuming most of the insurance benefits people are talking about here are risk mitigation if you happened to get into a situation where someone sued you? So the third party liability aspect? (Ignoring the coaching requirements that H talks to)

Anything else of note? I guess that was the point of Joe’s post!

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@Poet I don’t see anything that says you can’t sue other members outside competition? But maybe it’s in the real small print.

Doesn’t help you against fellow members riding like :bell:ends in sportives though. They’ve added the “timed event” clause specifically to include sportives I imagine as these aren’t competitions, or races, but are timed. So members can feel free to put other fellow members into the nearest ditch whilst doing Ride London #cat5hero


Hmm … pretty sure I saw it somewhere :woman_shrugging:t4:
It’s an odd thing for me to remember, or to have made up :face_with_peeking_eye::joy:


CBA to have a read again, as I’m still livid I had to join to ride with the club. :roll_eyes::speak_no_evil: