VeloGames - Giro

Anyone in?

After last year’s TdF debacle (still so annoyed as i had GT as my leader!!!), you now have to register again to the new site. But seems to be the same principle.


sounds good. We can cross post to FB to pick up the luddites

Yeah, last year’s TdF was going to be my first shot at it too, and I had a pretty good squad, with a fair few days in yellow.

TT league code - 839341913

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I’m in

Cool - will add myself to it as I’d already set up a team

I’m in


I’m in.

I’m in.

Decent points for the first weekend but I’m not a fan of this bike swapping malarkey.

I think choice of bike is part of the skill and will always be a compromise to some degree. I’m fine with bike swaps for mechanical reasons but only to one of the same spec.

Hmm, I’m doing really badly. It’s a long way to go yet though.

Yeah i was torn between Roglic and Dumoulin (went for the latter) … like you say though. An awful long way to go yet!

Hopefully Nibbles will find his feet too. I had Maestri in the break yesterday, and Gaviria was 4th. But bottom of the pile after Stage 2! I didn’t go for either Roglic or Yates.

Days in Pink are feathering the Roglic points nest nicely though for those that have him.

Yes - the opening TT has a huge bearing on the early tour points. I also went with Dumpy and am well down the ranking for now. Still early days.

With velogames, the end ranking can always have a big impact given 500 points for final GC, but as was shown last year with Yates, spending days in pink just banks tonnes of points. Even though he ended up nowhere overall in the end, he was still one of the highest scorers in the game.

The opening TT, and the numerous flat stages means, unless Lotto find the right guy in the break to allow to have the jersey, they may well have to hold it for ages. The race doesnt go above 1000m until stage 12, and before then there’s another ITT.

I jumped all in on Roglic, along with the daily assist points from the cheapest domestiques. We’ll see how it goes.

Given the TTs, I banged Campenaerts in there too, but I think he’s possibly a bit crap off the track :thinking: He fell off in the Romandie TT!


And Viviani takes the win. Was waiting for him to get going properly.

I called the DQ on my whatsapp group in real time. I’m not happy having Elia in my lineup :man_facepalming:

His DQ means I get a stage win :laughing: That moves me clear of the bottom!