Veloviewer tile bagging

Anyone else looking at how to get to the biggest square they can?

I’ve got a bat shit crazy bike route mapped out tomorrow… expecting grass down the centre of the road or mud tracks at some point!


I literally have no idea what you are talking about.

Is there a new game where I can take the cycling I’m already doing and make it sexier?

Make me more motivated?

Is it free?

If so, I’m in!

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Not. A. Clue.

Its, which amongst many many many other features (those sexy 3D route maps you see are Veloviewer), it also splits the world map up into small squares, and you ‘bag’ a square by logging an activity on Strava that passes through it. The idea being to bag as many squares as you can, with a goal of building the largest sized square you can, eg a 6x6 or a 10x10. Its great as it encourages you to go explore areas on foot or bike that you’d otherwise ignore, and it can be quite good fun working out how to get a particular square bagged.

As an illustration, here’s some of my current position

yes, it can be free… but you can also subscribe. If the other features aren’t of interest to you, the only real advantage of subscribing is that you can import all your Strava history much more easily.

Its quite a lot of fun, and can help avoid you getting bored with the same old roads and routes by forcing you to try new, less obvious tracks and roads. I’m hoping that by close of play tomorrow, I should be up to 11x11, and will just need a few tiles to get to 12x12. On some of the leaderboards, people have colossal squares of over 100x100


It sounds like it will force me out of my comfort zone.

That is a very good thing.

On the flipside, I cope terribly with change and this might kill me off!

I’ll deffo have a look. Cheers!

The last thing I need is something else to sign up to.


Oh no , something else to get kinky about

Looks great!

Looks interesting, stuff like this. Where do you find the tiles thing?

It’s on your main summary screen. They’ve got another cool index I like as well, will find it out tomorrow. You basically have to get this index as high as you can. You need to to do 1 x 1km run/ride to get an index of 1.
2 x 2km runs to get an index of 2 etc etc
So it gets increasingly harder.

Love veloviewer.

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on the veloviewer site, there’s a tab called ‘activities’ (once you’re logged in) and on tab, on the right is a map (or at least an area that you can select map on.

Its a bit addictive… and a Pro sub is only a tenner a year too!


Ah yes, the Eddington score… mines currently 58 (in miles)

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Ah yeah, that’s the one!

Bike I assume?! (or are they aggregated?)

I don’t think it distinguishes between bikes and runs… but an Eddington score of 58 miles on runs would be a phenomenal achievement!

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Found it thanks. This is really cool! 4*4 based on last 25 activities although plenty of those have been in Watopia so won’t show on a map of Dorset😀

5*5 is next target then

Oh no what have you done!

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You wait!.. i’ve even been looking at gravel bikes so that I can ride on old bridlepaths and disused tracks to get remote squares… and have been hassling a cycling acquaintance in the RAF to organise a TT on a nearby air base, so that I can get one isolated square that is otherwise unreachable!

It is a splendid distraction trying to find routes to some places with OS maps.

I’m on 9x9 but only need about 5 squares to get to 12x12… its getting me out the door looking forward to rides, where I was starting to get fed up of riding the same old routes.


got to 12 x 12 today @NickBerry

Its getting a bit harder to grow now, as rides are getting quite long just to get to where the unbagged squares are!


Well done @magnacarter

You got my competitive juices flowing so I just paid £10 to import whole Strava history.


Coming for you though … :wink:

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hah… the number of squares needed for each extra number increases exponentially… I’ve got a few now that will need me to drive, park up, and go running on some trails, as there aren’t any roads.

Haha not sure I’d do that, but may well MTB. A few square Kms with no road in Dorset too