Virtual Zwift Rides

Not sure how old yours are/is Jim, but there’s zero chance I could turbo at home when looking after the kids!

If I can, I’ll be there. Racing B category though.

Don’t think I will make today. I want to rest my knee and have to re-wire the ceiling lights after yesterday’s skimming. That could take ‘some time’ :grin:

FFS be careful up that ladder :worried: :joy:

Are you trying say I’m unlucky? :smile:

Anyway, if I fall off, I won’t feel thing today. Have to have all the windows and patio doors open to dry the ceiling and get rid of condensation. I’m effin freezing already. :snowflake:

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Lights are done but there is still six new door handles and a letter box to fit. A radiator and window sill to paint. Better start without me. :-1:

Oh aye, I’m a (genuine) B Cat. Racing against all the C Cat guys pushing 3.5-4w/kg :roll_eyes: D Cat people seem to be more honest; C Cat is the douche zone. Does it really matter :man_shrugging:

I have done it, although I’m in the garage, so can’t referee any squabbles if it’s just me (no wife). If they are home, I try to just do a quick & dirty 35-40min interval sesh with main set of 10*2min. They are a bit older, almost 10 & 6.

We have a treadmill in the garage that has been under a dust sheet for the last year (builders needed access via garage). I don’t really need it living here, but will dust it off and see if it still works! Still have breakdown cover on it with D&G, assuming they are doing call outs :sweat_smile:

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Yeah i’d be lucky to butter a slice of toast without one of them crying or kicking off or needing attention in some way! :roll_eyes:


That’s me warming up for the 11:20

Any recommendations on a cheapish laptop that would work well with zwift? My laptop sucks, and I hardly use it except for the odd required thing like updating maps on a garmin via Garmin Express etc. That’s so slow however. I otherwise rely on my phone or my work computer. Not an option for zwift (although I guess I could try the android beta).

Given the likelihood of being at home for an extended period of time, and using a laptop for a lot things becoming more likely, an upgrade might be useful anyway. And if so, being useful for zwift would seem sensible

I’m no tech expert, but would a chromebook meet your needs … or would you want/need the full MS Office package to be installed as well to do your work on?

I’ve thought about chromebooks before, but they’re effectively just glorified android devices I think? Stuff like Garmin Express, Trainerroad workout creator, full zwift for desktop, etc, wouldn’t be available.

@Jgav I just don’t have the grunt for the Sprint finishes!

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It was simply you being there which made me push to the end. Made the front pack but got dropped on the second slope up the finish line. Had to do a lot of work in a group of 3 so that when you caught me I was already hot and legs working hard. Good ride all in all, I can only seem to push 90%-95% of FTP when I’m in a race like that (today was 94% average).

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Everyone in that finishing group should have been B Cat🤔

Absolutely, everyone there had averaged 3.5W\kg ish, Cat B is 3.2-3.9

Don’t know if it helps for you work, but I ditched my laptop for an iPad. Certainly the best approach for Zwift, TrainerRoad etc as the standard hardware means no questions over compatibility (assuming all your sensors are bluetooth, not ant). Mind you, I have a 6 year old laptop with a busted screen for my trainer set-up. Connect it to an old TV, works fine. Don’t know if Zwift needs more power.

Joe X