Virtual Zwift Rides

We’re EMEA W B4, and finished in the bottom half of our league (technical problems meant we only got three starters in one of the points races so scored null points).

I’ll race on Tuesday as I’ve nothing better to do but I’m not sure how much of a team we’ll have, people have been losing interest fairly rapidly the season! And probably CBA to do the Saturday race. This whole finals thing seems pretty shambolic

Yeah - think they are just using it as a BETA type event. Be interesting what they change come September.

Saturday race is interesting - I understand why they’ve done that to make it more accessible - but I guess it will rule lots out.

Christ it’s too hot to be still doing this in May.
My garage was a sauna…3 fans, wet towel, frozen drink and I was melting.

HR hit 202 over titans. Pb. 14th. Nil points
Hilly. Pb. 11th. Doh. Nil points.
Sprint. Pb. 15. Nil points.

Got caught out as the pace picked up early for finish, struggled to make way through the pack for 17th.

Great course… Time flew by.


Pretty much identical for me, PBs on all segments but no points. Also 11th on Hilly, by 0.1s :sob:

In 5th with 100m to go, finished 12th :man_facepalming:


Holding 4.5 up Titans KOM watching the split go ahead of me. Stuck with the second group until the sprint and had a 2 up for 33rd. Decent power for me but no points in the game.


This is how stupid our league is.
Titans 468w (6.88wkg) and Hilly 412w (6.06) and that’s not good enough for a single point. Paced them both fairly well to. Titans maybe went a bit early. Hilly I was chasing.


5.8 and 5.7 W/kg for no points in the bottom half play off of the lowest B leagues :roll_eyes:

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The sooner they sort these categories the better.

We had a guy with a 15 sec pb of 17wkg :rofl:

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Our race also seems to have vanished, it’s not on zwiftpower or in the ZRL results as far as I can see :thinking:

That’s not good!!!

We bagged 3rd spot behind the teams loaded with cat As.
Sat is not a good race for us tho. Sprinters we ain’t. Still, finished in top cup thingy.

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