Virtual Zwift Rides

Hmm, I did the Vive le France race tonight as it looked generally flat, and for some reason I ended up in cat A!

Hung onto the lead group at the aqueduct but the last 4K was savage with people having a go on the rollers. Somehow finished 12th despite fat-fingering my powerup and leaving it too late!

Legs know about it though :nauseated_face:


Just done TTT and back to B.
No clue what’s going off.

12th in A on that course is excellent. Those rollers with no draft are hell


@fruit_thief where were you for the Bologna afterparty?


that’s it

@buzz has to be a bot

you machine :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:


Nearly missed the OhNoHill, my boss called me at 5:15 for a “5min” chat. Made it to the pen with seconds to spare. Danny went off like a train, not sure he realised it was 2 laps. Caught him half way up the 2nd lap.

Ended up doing Bologna on a road bike put still couldn’t hold the others on the climb.


Beast mode :muscle:

Glad I was washing my hair :joy: (having dental work :grimacing:)

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Just had a mega battle on Glasgow reverse in our ladder 5v5 racing.
Really closely matched teams. All 10 ruby riders on velo rank.
Realised early I was hanging on, but was timing the kickers really well.
Not sure how I managed the final effort, but came round for second.

We should, if some data pulls thru, win by a single point. Which will take us second in the league :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Nice points haul on zwiftpower and velo for me too.


I know not many care (likely just me :grin:) - sounds like zwift have added a change to the xp levelling in system this week and not announced it!!

I had 95 in my sights for tomorrow - but they’ve probably doubled the XP I need to get to 100 now :worried:



:joy: :joy: :joy:

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Did my first Zwift Labs (Racing Score) event today. It’s 636, so I took the lower cat option obvs! Came 6th and improved my Race Ranking by 2pts :+1:

I approve thus far.


I was 678 - got absolutely tanked on the climb. Won my sprint to finish 10/18.
Score still went up - everyone above me bar the A+ was ranked significantly lower before and after the race.
Cat B won the race with a 5.2 min effort and remains a cat B (that metric got me promoted).

I know I shouldn’t care about cats - but hey the data is still there.

I think the seeding score needs work… hopefully more races shifts that balance to racing score rather than seeding score.
Early days tho - still hope it gets closer to zwiftracingapps velo scores.

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App had a meltdown on me tonight after I went through a banner in France, went to about 1 frame/20 seconds! Minimising helped for a few seconds, wouldn’t save after but I closed the app and luckily it recovered the ride and finally saved it.

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