Weekend Warrior - Blenheim

Anyone else doing the Weekend Warrior. Looking forward to it as something a little different.
Any tips from those who’ve done it before?

Batman will be there! Haven’t done Blenheim before but did the weekend warrior at London Tri last year. Heard Blenheim is better. Are you doing it to try and break the record or just for your own satisfaction?

Yeah, he’s definitely going for the record…no pressure!

For my own satisfaction, but you know, I’m not planning on hanging around :wink:

Wheres T_C when you need him, he’s the WW legend

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I’m in two minds.

Would be a great training weekend with IM Frankfurt 4 weeks after.

However, would cost about £350 all in, when I could just do a big block at home that weekend

If you haven’t done Blenheim before - it’s a really nice course and traffic free. Except for that goddamn bridge on the run out. Who thought that was a good idea!

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Great, tough weekend. Managed 7 Sprints in total.
It certainly adds an extra element with the logistics of SBRx7 but my dad and Son were a top support crew.
Also, don’t go out like a nutter on the first 2. I need to practice the TC Sandbagging technique
Great work @Batman

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Nice Sid! Is it a good turnout & atmosphere? I like the idea of these different format events.

I was there with the family supporting my Mrs in her first tri. It’s a great turnout and plenty of support on course. Relaxed beginner friendly atmosphere. Expensive for a sprint but it is a nice race, plus the lake is actually nice for swimming in.

I saw the WW had their own transition area and their own waves which is a nice touch. Still not sure why you’d want to do 7 sprints in a weekend but each to their own.

Great atmosphere. 160 did the Weekend Warrior with thousands doing the main event. We had our own little transition area(with a portaloo, luxury) and there is a great camaraderie between all the Warriors. Closed roads, interesting course with ups, downs, bends (21 laps of the bike, 14 of the run over the weekend). Invariably they would let you swim between waves too, so had the whole lake to oneself.
Next year is 2nd week in May, so may be a little cooler in the lake

Urm yeah, don’t they want to hold it when it’s better temps for non-wetsuit swimming? What did you do it in clothing wise? I would have thought an ITU suit weather permitting.

What’s the format if it’s over 2 days. Do you get so many hours per day in a block?

Apparently the lake is being dredged in June, so had to move it forward.
I just did it in a normal TriSuit
Saturday we started at 9:10 as a group and you had to start the last Tri before 14:40 to get another full sprint in or 15:40 for a SuperSprint
Sunday 10:20 start as a group and had to start last one by 14:50
When you finish each Tri, get medal, water and jog back to the swim start which was a good 800m or so and doesn’t go near transition. So it helps to get a helper to take wetsuit etc down to the start each time and running shoes back up for T1. You checked in with the starter lady who would give you permission to start the next Tri. Apart from the first group starts of the day I swam all the others solo in the lake
It was the extra logistics that made it interesting.
I went off far too quick on the first 2 and paid for it on 3 and 4…you’d think I’d have learned by now.

I watched you head off (not knowing what you look like) as Mrs was in the 10.30am wave.

Cheers @SidSnot great weekend, especially the pie, chips and Guinness Saturday night! :grin:
Not sure about luxury, but the end of Sunday I wished I was a bit further away from the loo :nauseated_face:.
Yeah a helper would have been nice, trying to get back to transition through all the people was a pain and I was so close to the cutoffs I was gutted, may drag someone along next year to do that bit.
Managed 5 sprints and a Supersprint, haven’t counted the bucket money coins yet but £180 in notes, thanks to all who chucked some in.
So next year, batman returns or the smurf? :rofl:

Last tri starts 14.10 on Sunday didn’t it? Please say yes or I would have made it! Thought it was 13.50 for sprint and 14.10 for supersprint. Shame it was so early, means the record is impossible to break, think they need to set a new record for the new timings.

Not that I was going for the record😱

@Jorgan swim is wetsuit compulsory. 19 degrees in lake I think they said.

Results are out, well done all.

Blenheim is a great tri atmosphere and venue. I have done it for three years in a row, although not the WW obviously xD.

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New to this forum but not at all new to triathlon. Just signed up for Blenheim WW next year - good to catch up on earlier comments.

Should be ‘fun’!

P.S. the organisers managed to get the lake dredging moved to June, so the date for the tri is now 30/31 May - slightly better!


Something I’ve thought about entering, but how do you cope with getting a damp wetsuit back on for the swims?